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  1. Right, i'm mostly just torn as to what i want to do i guess. That makes sense, thanks! That clears it up a lot. Now it's just a matter of do i want to explore or do i want to do more military oriented things.
  2. I was just wondering, i suppose mostly to the more senior players or people who closely follow the development of SC; What kind of military exploration would we do? If any. I ask because i'm pretty torn between the Hornet Tracker and the Freelancer DUR and I am just not sure which to pick. But I do want to be in the military so I would like to know which is more useful for our purposes.
  3. I just feel that if theres no character creation (and this is coming from a guy that played City of Heroes back in the day) is a crucial part of gameplay because as others have said it provides a connection to the character and it also provides a basis for your characters lore which attributes to their purpose in the game which leads to why the individual plays the game the way they do. If SC didn't have it I probably wouldnt put anymore money into the game but thats not a problem so I will deplete my bank account as much as i please. TL;DR -- Character creation is important. I'm not responsible with my money.
  4. Dumajin


    Welcome Chamz! What ship are you looking to fly?
  5. Proudly! Army ROTC, on the 4 year scholarship.
  6. I like the idea of being a forward reconnaisance type of player. Running intelligence and recon missions and seeing my share of combat if need be. It also coincides with what I want to do in the military (minus the space ship part). I just moved into my dorm so I'll probably be inactive in game or TS until i get well settled throughout this month but I'll be plenty active on the forums!
  7. Thanks guys! I appreciate the input
  8. Just wondering if anyone else is using the F7C-R and I was just wondering is it worth it to keep this for a Forward Recon type of play style or should I switch to something with more firepower or a more Exploration type ship with cargo and whatnot?
  9. Hi everyone, I'm Korozain. I'm a college student currently living in Texas but I've lived in New York and Germany previously. I have pledged and I have the freelancer rank and I currently operate anF7C-R Hornet Tracker. I look forward to doing missions and playing with you all!
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