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  1. I sold the Warden already! Sorry for the the non reply, I forgot to turn on notifications! I still have the Gemini though. Also, I am lowering the price of the Gemini to $300.
  2. I have a Starfarer Gemini and a Vanguard Warden I need to part with. I will sell the Gemini for $315 and the Warden for $235.
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. I know i havent been active as of late. I hope to change that.

  5. I don't expect them to make it 1:1 scale. In fact I thought they (CIG) noted as such.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all you fine Citizens! I hope everyone has made to their families safe and sound.
  7. Done dealScreenshot_20161124-170527.png

    1. GeraldEvans


      And the best part is you get a model of an 85X to keep in your Carrack.

  8. I am so fing pissed right now!

  9. I dunno what the M's STS gun is capable of, but the Polaris has bigger firepower than an Idris. The torpedoes alone from one Polaris would be decimating to a frigate. Idris is a beauty tho!
  10. Once I get my Death Star, if worm attacks me, the planet will be wishing I never landed on it 😁😈. Some days it's dangerous for us...other days it's dangerous for planets. 😎
  11. With all that said, I'll think I'll keep my Polaris 😁.
  12. I'm mostly combat and SAR oriented I like the Polaris for its firepower but the Idris seems more versatile as far as utility goes.
  13. Help me! I am strongly considering melting my Polaris, Prowler, and Buccaneer to get an Idris, but I'm just not sure! yay for melting or nay
  14. So, my fleet has grown by four ships so far this sale. I will likely trade my Sabre in for the Comet next Friday too. Already posted the Prowler so here are my three other additions.



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