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  1. I sold the Warden already! Sorry for the the non reply, I forgot to turn on notifications! I still have the Gemini though. Also, I am lowering the price of the Gemini to $300.
  2. I have a Starfarer Gemini and a Vanguard Warden I need to part with. I will sell the Gemini for $315 and the Warden for $235.
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. I know i havent been active as of late. I hope to change that.

  5. I don't expect them to make it 1:1 scale. In fact I thought they (CIG) noted as such.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all you fine Citizens! I hope everyone has made to their families safe and sound.
  7. Done dealScreenshot_20161124-170527.png

    1. GeraldEvans


      And the best part is you get a model of an 85X to keep in your Carrack.

  8. I am so fing pissed right now!

  9. I dunno what the M's STS gun is capable of, but the Polaris has bigger firepower than an Idris. The torpedoes alone from one Polaris would be decimating to a frigate. Idris is a beauty tho!
  10. Once I get my Death Star, if worm attacks me, the planet will be wishing I never landed on it 😁😈. Some days it's dangerous for us...other days it's dangerous for planets. 😎
  11. With all that said, I'll think I'll keep my Polaris 😁.
  12. I'm mostly combat and SAR oriented I like the Polaris for its firepower but the Idris seems more versatile as far as utility goes.
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