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  1. Apparently, all the stock were artificially sold out by CIG. I was thinking about picking up an Idris, the only capital i dont own yet source:
  2. wonder how many non warbond were available
  3. Amazing video. 600i is much larger than i expected
  4. Missed this notification. haha I didnt even notice that, 1 number off, haha
  5. No idea what this means.. looks like a mistake for my eclipse
  6. interesting, think ill try to keep a terrapin docked at all times
  7. I picked up the 600i exploration, thinking of maybe upgrading my aquila to the 600i touring cant make up my mind if the custom ship name is worth another ship or just getting the upgrade
  8. To go even further back... Back to the time when Xetic Federation did multiple gangs of T1 Frigates fleets...:p
  9. My plan is to keep Vanguard inside, since i plan to use the Jav as a forward base. If a terapin or cutlass can fit, even better
  10. Well, sure it will be expensive. Just look at CryAstro station right now. Look at how much it costs to re-fuel, re-pair, and re-arm a Connie or Starfarer Now imagine, a capital ship. Not sure if capitals can dock there, so you will probably need a Starfarer to refuel, Crucible (or something) to repair it, and re-arm it.
  11. You guys have to remember, to CIG, the Javelins might still be rare. I minored in Math back in college and after I graduated 6 years ago, I seem to have forgotten how to do math and rely on calculators. Hope the below is correct 750 Javelins / 1,669,551 Citizens (at this moment) = 0.00449 0.00449 x 100 ≈ 0.45 % So, less than 1% of the population own a Javelin. This doesn't take into consideration, the odd number that were melted on the black market because its easier to melt and sell credits instead of an account. Here is a nice spread sheet that lists both funding and citizen growth/trends with dates and major sales highlighted: Crowdfunding Development Spreadsheet Version 2.0 (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tMAP0fg-AKScI3S3VjrDW3OaLO4zgBA1RSYoQOQoNSI/edit#gid=1694467207)
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