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  1. CIG has confirmed that some ships will be post-release. Endeavor, Kraken with several other ships are not planned for the release target.
  2. Selling Game Package (Star Citizen only) with Banu Merchantman LTI (upgrade price $500) Price is $270 All fees included
  3. Selling this package with two ships, base pledge is Hurricane-Terrapin Add-Ons LTI with Hurricane hangar model and poster Three options available - BMM with Banu Defender, BMM with Crusader Ares Inferno, BMM with Crusader Ares Ion PayPal fees included Price is $450
  4. Ship has been made for sale by my own credits and cash. I just want to up my Legatus billing to $50.000, so 2 more ships left. Or I can upgrade this Banu to Perseus or Polaris by extra money.
  5. Selling Banu Merchantman LTI $290 All PayPal fees included
  6. Do you have a screenshot from hangar with melt price? Discord is bad place to make a trade due to security reason. Seller-buyer can erase messages after trade done. In case of scam a victim can't ask refund from PayPal without this conversation.
  7. You could melt WB CCU and buy back anytime. This an upgrade has fixed price
  8. LTI Endeavor with all LTI modules always available during Annual Sale as Master Set and cost $1000 CCU to Endeavor ship (head) available as well Separate modules comes with 10 years insurance from 2019 You can't upgrade Endeavor Hope (ship) coz it is whole package with modules
  9. This skin non-giftable and was as reward from Devs for all who has finished mini game during concept sale.
  10. Selling Hercules M2 (military transport) ccu'ed for $340 Pay Pal fees included
  11. Selling this rare modules with LTI, whole lot is preferable Price is $75 each Pay Pal only
  12. Selling Mercury Star Runner Lifetime insurance $230 with all fees
  13. It is scam guys, if you bought some ships from him ask PayPal to refund and write a letter to CIG to remove this ship from your an account asap to avoid full lock.
  14. GodZe

    Want to Buy [WTB] Sabre Raven

    I do not like to upset, but Raven cost $180-200 for now, this is a rarity already.
  15. Mercury Star Runner LTI CCU'ed $190 Hercules C2 LTI CCU'ed $270 Banu Merchantman LTI CCU'ed $260 Origin 600i Explorer LTI CCU'ed $360 Origin 600i Touring LTI CCU'ed $335 Banu Defender LTI CCU'ed $200 Banu Defender LTI OC $210 Reclaimer LTI CCU'ed $300 Prowler LTI CCU'ed $330 Esperia Vanduul Blade LTI CCU'ed $250 Hammerhead LTI CCU'ed $625 Nautilus LTI CCU'ed $625 Polaris LTI CCU'ed $650 Sentinel LTI CCU'ed $265 -------------------------------------------------------- Any ships, ask me to negotiate All fees included PM'm me if interested
  16. GodZe

    Want to Sell Bomber Pack

    Still available
  17. Hi

    How much for the HH-Polaris upgrade?

    1. ChiefWarrant


      I was surprised they made it limited and stopped CCUs to it. Make me an offer so I am not off base or sound greedy. I kept one of those CCU, sold another, and this last one is yours. 

    2. GodZe


      I have few )) and asking to get more, you know, cheap.

      I sold few for $150 each

      Nice profit

    3. ChiefWarrant
  18. Of coarse not. Item over $1000 isn't giftable and GIFT trigger just by default.
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