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  1. PapaRoyal

    A question regarding changing squadrons

    I understand, thanks for the replies and links
  2. PapaRoyal

    A question regarding changing squadrons

    Actually I have one more question. On the SCB portal site there is a site where you can apply for divisions, and I want to be a part of the exploration division. But writing the application it says "What would you say is your personal incentive for reaching out for responsibility as a member of Imperium's staff?". The thing is that I just want to officially be a part of the exploration division, but not necessarily a leader or part of the staff (I would like to be able to make that leap at a later point). Hope that my question made sense
  3. PapaRoyal

    A question regarding changing squadrons

    Exactly what I needed, thank you!
  4. Hi, I've been out of the SC loop for quite a while now but with the coming of 3.0 I decided to get into the game again. A couple of weeks ago I planned which direction I wanted to go with the game and it was exploration. When I first joined I had a redeemer and was aiming for combat ops, which now has changed. I want to join the main exploration squadron (or part, section, department etc) here at imperium but I can't seem to find out how to actually join a squadron. I'm posting this here because I assume that the answer is simple and that it is just me not understanding how it's done. Thanks in advance, P. R
  5. PapaRoyal

    Fresh meat!

    Hello base, Im PapaRoyal and own an Andromeda pending upgrade to Redeemer once it becomes flyable. Looking forward to being able to do boarding and offensive ground operations on different planets and bases. Have played quite a bit in the miniPU and I'm exited about the upcoming Squadron 42. Feel free to PM if you have questions P. Royal