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  1. Won't you be able to get most of these ships for free by playing the game a lot? If so, why spend so much on multiple pledges?
  2. Evochron Merenary is a little know indie sim (made by one man) but the combat mechanics are great. It even has atsmophere entry. You may know it from older titles such as Star Wraith.
  3. I know what the beta model costs, and I know the retail will be MUCH higher quality and cheaper, so yes. Although it depends how well it is localized for use with this game. I can see it being... Amazing.
  4. I'm not familiar with DRM, so that's a no. I don't want to go so far out of my way that it means researching new stuff when there are other good security methods that I am familiar to. Mobile is fine, as long as it's not required. A one time use key? If that's for installation, then no, because I might want to reinstall it on a new computer. If it's an extra login key like a 4 digit pin, then sure.
  5. It's described as being inbetween a fighter and corvette. So closer to a small friggot perhaps.
  6. Piegobbler

    Bengal vs Nimitz

    Honestly anything bigger than this for player use is overkill. We don't need capital ships, we need huge battle class ships, and this seems to fit the roll perfectly. Last thing we want is a ship that requires 200 players to operate.
  7. "If the game hits the $4 million mark, collarless external ship combat will be added with pilots in pressure suits wearing EMUs able to battle it out in space; explosive charges would be used to open the targeted ship’s airlock." I came.
  8. Piegobbler

    Constellation Images

    I've been out of the loop since I pledged back during the first week of crowd funding. I just got busy, so it's news to me! Oh boy, looking at those screenshots made me a happy pledge upgrader indeed. I'm happy to learn that you are getting 2 space craft in one pledge. The constellation and the short range emergency fighter.
  9. So the 8.2 million dollar question. Will you be able to deploy and dock a fighter using the constellation? I don't like the idea of having a docking bay with a fighter just for aesthetics sake. It would make sense to have this feature. Say you are on a mission with a wingman and he barely defeats the attackers and his ship is damaged to the point where it can barely accelerate. Well, it would make good sense to have him dock in your conestellation and take him to a large facility for repairs.
  10. But does it take into account the cherry?
  11. Hi you can all call me Pie. I'm a huge fan of space sims and played the original Freelancer a lot. I enjoy playing multiple rolls when possible. Being a miner, fighter, merchant, and whatever else I want to be all at my whim, so that it can help support whatever roll the guild needs the most of at any specific time. A jack of all trades I suppose. I do not personally like specializing in any one thing, as I believe it dulls a person in other critical areas. I like the name of this guild and I also like the kind of players you are looking for. I think I'd make a good member and I'd like to forge our journey through space together. So I hope to join Imperium Fleet!
  12. Hey everyone, you can call me pie. I'd like to join Imperium Fleet so I'll find out whatever applications I need to do after I make this post. Just wanted to say hi and meet some new faces, or accounts to be all technical. A little about me - I'm 23 years old and I live in the western United States, and I like to travel and learn about new space discoveries and pretty much anything space related. I also used to play Freelancer when it was pretty new. I am a pledger of $125 for the Colonel title so I'll see you guys flying around outside of my Hornet cockpit in the not too distant future. The thing I look forward to most is really putting my joystick to proper use and discovering sectors of space nobody has been to yet with a group of comrades.
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