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  1. I still always see the Hawk when i see the Merc' ................ it even has a mouth XD
  2. I wish they had gone will their 2nd choice for it,
  3. The Tali has been mentioned to be requiring a full rework several times ie. power not supporting the base guns and its metrics are not up to standard so it currently cant do its job, the 300 series has been worked on several times with minor changes and some structural changes here and there, the mustang was tweaked a few times (Very minor) and then had a full remake. As to the Freelancer ... eww i don't understand how such a awful ship could exist though i do like what they did to the conni but ........ i HAD to upgrade to the Hammertime (cant touch this)
  4. Don't forget the Mustang line and the Retaliator ... and the Freelancer line ...... the 300 series even the Avenger has had rework done several times and there in lies the issue that any ship done before the proper metrics were done and patterned out have had or will have to be redone or fixed, the conni is a good example cause its had a lot of focus and WAY to many promises made about it 🤣 CIG i think have learned their lesson on that one.
  5. The bottom turret is still there .... just no turret attached
  6. It definitely won't be done till scanning / jump holes are done or at lest partially implemented, technically we wouldn't see the ship till much more of the PU is done but due to it being a fan Fav ...... 😀 its being done early (same with some of the other non-important ships not in the single player campaign). Sometime in the next 6 - 24 months ..... (Soon#TM) 🤣
  7. Also kind of glad they have gone back to the tripod landing gear vs the dachshund one ..... wouldn't like to have my space winnebago considered a Spaceball XD
  8. Its not the last name that's the issue ...... he should have been called Maxwell ... at least then we would have something to laugh at 🤩 or to say .... Would you believe !!
  9. Noooooo you said the name that must not be spoken 😱 ...... (where my anti-jinx hex book) .... sdgiufg87 794t29 927 y9ufhos f0 82 .... DONE
  10. You do know he has a hex on his name now ..... so he can finally make the claim .......... "MY battlecruiser 3000ad /4/5/6/7/8/9/XXxxx Patch / new game is THE BEST WAHAHAHAHAH" lol he will never stop .... im sure he is desperately casting spells in hope that Crybaby's win XD ahahahhah
  11. there always will be some "Triggered" XD Not that "He who shall not be named" .... cough ... Cough ........ Crybaby .... cough will drop the suite as they are WAY to Stupid to think logically ... this was doomed from the start i just think they were after what they could get from discovery to "Actually" get something to sue for.
  12. there is always the option use the interior corridors as a buggy race track XD
  13. Very generous ..... VERY, at the moment the 2080 is basically a 1080ti with "RT" and the 2080ti is a titan BUT we don't know what the "RT" is doing to performance i.e. wasted resources that could have gone onto lower power drain and other things that ACTUALLY improve gpu performance, as you can see below the "benefit" of RTX is a waste in normal GPU functionality on games that don't have RTX .......... witch at the moment is basically all games
  14. Ahhh yes the "High" quality space movies ........ errrrr to be truthful AssAssins Creed Odyssey starts on the 2/10 so ill be AK for a while but will look forward to ....... Darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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