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  1. Looking for a Hartwell Music Sentinel for about $30 and a F7A Military Hornet upgrade for about $70. Please PM me your offers. /SirDoAlot
  2. PM'd about Herald, Archimedes and coat. Edit: Items paid and received!
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    Hello Fatalist242! The first two, out of three ships (for credits), has been sent. Best regards SirDoAlot 890 Jump received and the last ship in the transaction has been gifted! Thank you very much for a pleasant trade! Best regards SirDoAlot
  4. Complete

    Thank you! I've been lurking for awhile
  5. Making a trade public here. I will trade store credits for an 890 Jump with Fatalist242. /SirDoAlot
  6. Hello! I have some LTI ships for sale and though I only have one earlier trade on this site I do have a bunch on that other, grey market, site. CCU'd standalone ships: Reliant Sen (researcher) LTI $95 Drake Buccaneer LTI $109 Freelancer DUR LTI $119 Misc Prospector LTI $135 Constellation Taurus LTI $139 Xi'an Khartu-al LTI $165 Constellation Andromeda LTI $215 Drake Caterpillar LTI $229 Aegis Redeemer LTI $235 Constellation Aquila LTI $255 CCU Upgrades: Mustang Alpha to Dragonfly Black $9 Cutlass Black to Buccaneer $15 CCU = Cross-Chassis Upgrade. All ships are upgraded from either Drake Dragonfly LTI or P-72 Archimedes LTI. Prices include PayPal fees. PayPal invoice will be sent. Buyer must be PayPal verified, I am since 2008. If you are interested - send me a PM. Have a good day!
  7. Nice doing business with you makute! I'm now the happy owner of a constellation aquila worth $275.