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  1. lol, yeah I am just been very busy mate. nice to see the "the base" still going strong brother Cheers :-)
  2. Hi Bigo Sorry cant make it also this month, other expenses to pay :-) happy days
  3. love the movie... 1920x1080, with black, grey and white borders, hope you like it. thinking of adding a fictional "scavanger squadron badge :-)
  4. Thanks guys, appreciated Cheers
  5. Creating a fictional squadron emblem, hope you like it. cheers
  6. Clean and sleek, messing around with filters, sorry need the SCB collateral to match the identity better... full res:
  7. Thanks brother. I could see it very well fit as a future hang out and inspiration point for our great and dedicated media team ;-)
  8. Hi @Bigolfishy, interested in the 890 Jump, though next month only :-)
  9. @Mictlan666 Second and last one are awesome mate
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