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  1. Want to Buy

    Yes I do, I'll pm you
  2. Want to Buy

    Does it need to be flyable now? The Buccaneer is $110 ($10 upgrade from the M50), but it's not flyable yet.
  3. Looking to buy RSI credits, looking to pay 82% or best offer. PM me if you have any ships for sale at 82% of it's melt value.
  4. Looking to buy RSI credits, preferably two aquilas, but I'm open to other offers. PM me. EDIT: Got all I need for now, thanks!
  5. Want to Buy

    Sent you a PM
  6. Complete

    Added more ships and updated post formatting. Bump.
  7. The timers only count down when you're logged in. If your ship will take 1 day to get back from the insurance company, that's one day of actual play time.
  8. This is one of the more complex issues they are going to face when we get closer to Beta/Release. Every time I come up with a possible solution to one aspect of this another loophole pops up. My best suggestion is to make the timer for insured ships get longer and longer each time you wreck one. People may still be able to take advantage of this, but it lessens the impact.
  9. Complete

    Updated some prices, sold the Caterpillar + 2 DF pack and the Esperia Blade
  10. Complete

    Bump, LTI Reliant Kores now available at RSI cost: $65