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  4. If you've ever been on our teamspeak you would know that we have clearly chose to use ts3 and that's were the error of switching comes in. TS3 is able to do everything you said very well except or talking in the PU chat and that is very useful. That's why people would of course use it, I never said it was useless I said that for us a an org with a pretty healthy teamspeak to switch our entire voice network over to Spectrum just because it was made by CIG would not be right. Unless the voice chat is literally better in the way of the voice delays being less and the voices literally sounding better or something like that it just wouldn't be better in anyway and I doubt there gonna make something better than ts3 when that's only 1 aspect of spectrum. People will for sure use spectrum for all kinds of things. Im sure if im at work or away from my pc im gonna jump on spectrum to message an org mate over using the ts3 app on my phone. Im sure my unit will be using spectrum all the time and if its good it will probably end up replacing what we do on discord. Most units in Imperium from what iv'e seen make a group on discord and use that for in unit discussion and that's were I think Imperium would benefit the most from spectrum, encouraging people to use spectrum on a unit wide level instead of trying to integrate all of Imperiums forum's and voice stuff into fulling using Spectrum only, Which is what CIG DOES wan't, no one is saying CIG is bad for that but don't be mistaken, business is business and it always will be and that's what makes them smart.
  5. I think Individual units will love Spectrum just like we love discord. But the Idea that we will leave our teamspeak in favor for a in-house voice com is silly. Voip is obviously essential for talking to people in random encounters. But when it comes to organizing 100's of players into channels with proper command whispers and all that jazz nothing beats teamspeak. Nothing could be better than teamspeak it could only be as good because ts3 is a no bullshit no nonsense voice com. It's built for team communication and that's it. It's like the Drake Interplanetary of voice programs. Spectrum is cool and all but when you look at it for what it is, It's just a move on CIG's part to get org's to use there stuff and not other people's because that's always better and they've even admitted that. Yes this will definitely benefit new and upcoming orgs that don't have a website or any platform to start. But spectrum just wasn't built for large scale orgs from what they've explained I mean look at how its all built it has a forum system and everything, it was designed to have keep orgs from doing there own thing with websites and what not. If CIG can get all the orgs to use only there shit and not make there own website and forums and stuff that is a massive win for them. Why do we need to organize our selves using CIG's tools when we built our own tools 4 years ago and already built the whole damn house. Spectrum is made for little 30 man squadrons that just wanna play and that's exactly what our 33 member units are for.
  6. Nerubi


    Yea I actually bought the 85x just for this purpose. Kinda sucks but it still has a quantum drive so it will be a pretty cool ship to have in 3.0.
  7. No just No lol. First off a Capital ship would have to be a combat oriented ship to begin with. Second it has to be comparable to the other ships in the game that you would call a capital ship. Even if you have a fully Combat oriented cat it just wouldn't be big enough to compare to other capital ships. The Polaris is barely a Capital ship I would consider it as a Sub-Cap when organizing a fleet. Retribution - Super-Cap (Dreadnought) Driller - Super-Cap (Carrier) Bengal - Super-Cap (Carrier) Pegasus - Cap-Ship (Carrier) Javelin - Cap-Ship Idris - Cap-Ship Polaris - Sub-Cap What is a Capital ship is determined by comparing what large war vessels are in the game. Not it simply being a what you consider "Big" and it being combat oriented.
  8. I still can't get over the fact that they didn't add not one New FPS weapon. Kinda pisses me off actually especially with all the new ships were always getting. But then again they can't make millions of dollars for FPS weapon concept sales so makes since I guess.
  9. I doubt any of these tools would have any kinda of large demand to be used. Crew Connector? Might as well say friend connector. I don't think anyone would have such a need to find a crew using third party tools like this. This naturally happens in game and people meet each other. Nothing they would make would ever beat simply using the in game chat or making an in-game contract for a spot on your crew. If this was a product it would only be marketed to people who "Can't Find Crews" Which Isn't a very large market. Especially in a game so immersive like this were actually piloting the ship won't be the most fun part. It don't think this game will be filled with people who only want to use there own ship and get people on there ship only. The progress of you character doesn't revolved around your ship and whats on it. This was what people used to think early on but that has changed so much.
  10. Nox doesn't sound like something that Misc would name a Ship. Also if you look as what Misc does they focus on main stream industrial ships. I don't think they would be interested in making a speeder like drake. I think this will be the Anvil Nox, would make since that the UEE would wan't a speeder type vehicle for infantry units. Kinda like a more militarized version of the dragonfly for UEE military.
  11. Welcome aboard my friend.
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