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  1. Alkarys

    Constellation Images

    The constellation is what made me take a second pledge just to have this beauty in my hands... The PDF they made is incredible, and I just can't wait to see more. Being in this vessel exploring the unknown, sailing in the void...
  2. As a warhammer 40k fan and a dedicated military veteran of the imperium of man (a few 40k and battlefleet gothic armies in my hands, all in the service of the emperor), you sure got my attention with the imperium fleet (Of course, it's not warhammer related, but nonetheless, it piqued my interest) I would be interested in joining. I am a veteran gamer, been gaming for nearly 30 years. I do not necessarily want an officer role in your nice fleet. My gaming time being not that great at the moment, I would be ashamed to have an important role and no time to fulfill it. However, if destiny permits it, and by the time the game launches my situation improved, this could be fun too. In that case, I would be interested in an exploration or military role. So here I am, proposing my services to your nice fleet. I am pledged as a rear admiral and would contribute at least a constellation to the ship roster. I have a few potential recruits too that I could bring, and counting on the effect of propaganda. The game is far away and there are nice MMOs are there. But I'm pretty sure that I could bring a few to the light side as the launch date approaches, or once the alpha and beta builds are available. So here it is, the rest is in your hands gentleman.