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  1. D-O-O-M

    Esperia Prowler

    Prowler Lore, sales page info, and quotes from Devs from jump point magazine
  2. I'm available during weekdays only. 5pm to 8pm PST. Can occasionally get on earlier than that if needed. Star Citizen handle is D-O-O-M. Community Moniker is DOOM. I have an Aegis Reclaimer, Vanguard hoplight, and Prospector flyable. In reality I have a Reclaimer, Redeemer, and Orion.
  3. I wrote one line of text and was selected for wave 7. Doubt I will purchase a Kraken though.
  4. Thank you CyberianK for the warm welcome as well as the video. I will have to check out his series. I've actually practiced that maneuver many times and it's very difficult to do.
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Doom and I love to fly. When I'm not playing flight sims I'm usually flying helicopters in college or fueling aircraft for work. I joined Imperium because I want to be apart of the best org in the verse and I look forward to being apart of an elite combat unit in the PU. I pledged back in 2014 and I have a Super Hornet and a Redeemer gunship so If you ever need to bring the rain you know who to call!
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