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  1. Added: Redeemer to Aegis Eclipse Upgrade Vanguard Sentinel to Aegis Eclipse Upgrade Esperia Vanduul Blade to Aegis Eclipse Upgrade Constellation Taurus to Banu Defender Upgrade F7C-M Super Hornet to Banu Defender Upgrade Sabre to Banu Defender Upgrade
  2. Hello! Got an account with a ship Idris-P. Account will be given fully to the new owner, including the original e-mail box, which is tied to registration. Ship have a "gift' button. And if buyer wants it and support allows, ship may be transfered to buyers account (but support is very reluctantly to transfer goods value more than a 1000$), so because of it, i offer account at full, so you will not waste your time on correspondence with CIG support. Price: $1600 USD - - final price, all fees included. I have over 100 successful sales of ships Star Citizen on eBay (all with positive feedback from buyers). PM me message and I will provide a link to that sales thread. Also I have successful major sales on this site, you can see my feedback. Disclaimer: (1) Account sales are in clear violation of RSI's terms of service, and are at high risk of being terminated at any time (2) The original owner will remain the legal owner of the account except in specific jurisdiction where local laws that supercede RSI's EULA allows for account transfers I (seller) promise to abandon my account, agreeing to never attempt to recover said account via RSI or any other means. As per RSI's EULA all accounts remain the original account owner and RSI's sole property.
  3. Added: 325a to Reliant Researcher Upgrade Avenger Stalker to Reliant Skirmisher Upgrade Constellation Andromeda to Vanguard Harbinger Upgrade Redeemer Warden to Vanguard Sentinel Upgrade onstellation Taurus to Freelancer MIS Upgrade Cutlass Black to Gladius Valiant Upgrade Starfarer Gemini to Endeavor (Base) Upgrade Starfarer Gemini to Crucible Upgrade Constellation Andromeda to Banu Merchantman Upgrade Starfarer to Orion Upgrade Constellation Aquila to Orion Upgrade Constellation Aquila to Carrack Upgrade Constellation Aquila to Endeavor (Base) Upgrade Constellation Aquila to Crucible Upgrade Constellation Aquila to Reclaimer Upgrade Modules: Endeavor MEDICAL BAY POD - 48 Month Insurance Endeavor LANDING BAY POD - 48 Month Insurance Endeavor SUPERCOLLIDER POD - 48 Month Insurance