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  1. Finally! they made a patch! i can use my Star G at last

  2. I got a joystick the other day. Damn it feels good to be flying with it.

  3. Happy birthday Kraan! Great to be part of the same unit with you!

  4. Yay! I beat vanduul swarm solo wave 18! Did it with my super hornet

  5. I purchased one of these ships is for two reasons 1. its right now lti 2. i figure i will be able to go mining with myself and not have to worry about collecting a crew
  6. Just a thought, a couple ways that a skilled player could avoid piracy would be 1. fly in a known safe area 2. as a skilled pilot one may perhaps fly in a very dangerous area i.e. dense asteroid field
  7. just found out that in a super hornet you cant get out of the ship the same time your turret man does or it locks the turret man into his spot, which he can't exit until he dies...

  8. Thank you bOcy for the sale of the 350r!
  9. well would you know it, i just happen to have a CCU reliant to 350R with LTI for $145. If you want an original i think Reavan is selling one for $150. 

    let me know


  10. I've been looking at the 350R for a while now, and i would love to buy one! please message me if you're selling one, thanks!
  11. Hey guys, so I'm looking for a Starferer Gemini LTI i will buy one for 290$ (fees excluded (meaning ill pay the fees which will probably come out to 305$)) Paypal only. I purchase fast (as long as everything is verified) with no problems. Experienced sellers only please, thank you.
  12. Btw im looking for a Star G if anyone is selling one please lemme know!

    1. Lakota


      We actually have a marketplace here on the forums for requests such as this.


    2. Starforge123



  13. So i finally got to try a super hornet, I would just like to say that it is pretty fun and deals some hard damage.

  14. Hey guys im new to the starcitizen forms so any tips or things that would be helpful please lemme know!

    1. Rellim


      We have a teamspeak, where people play al sorts of games or just hang around. Come talk to us there sometime! 

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