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  1. Still looking for a buyer. PM me your offer
  2. Looking for a buyer. Freelancer LTI 160$ - SOLD Mercenary LTI CCU'ed to Constellation Taurus - melt 165$ - my price is 185$ Digital Colonel LTI CCU'ed to HORNET F7C - melt 125$ - my price is 150$ Credit's for 70% (Have 235 RSI)
  3. Thank you, good trader, fast and smooth
  4. Hello mate. Yes PP fees included, PP verified only (paypal in my country rly hard to use, so i don't want have trouble with this). About bitcoin - i don't use this yet, but i want to try, if there is a buyer for bitcoins. Invoice - yes. FF - i would prefer not to do, but if you really want it, i will agree
  5. Hi. i wnat to sell 285 RSI credit's and Digital Bounty Hunter LTI CCU'ed to Freelancer MAX (melt value - 145$) Price: RSI Credit's - 78% BH - 135$ PP(verified)/BTC
  6. Hi there, i want to sell my Avenger game package and AuroraLN game package. AuroraLN - 40$ of PayPal Avenger - 70$ of PayPal Can a little to reduce the price, if you really want to buy. Pm me your offer Sold by Star_Hangar
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