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  1. Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Carrack upgrade is still available , i guess they missed it , its been up there since last sale
  2. Pictures from your daily life.

    Congratulations Cincinnatus !!
  3. Thank you The Base and Juntau for the Ground Vehicle Pack I won during Sunday's stream giveaway!!! Great shows, great music.
  4. Starfarer Blankets!! Get yours here!

    Thanks @GeraldEvans, got mine today )) . Looks cool and it does feel cosy.
  5. Pictures from your daily life.

    bottle opener is a must and the most important tool u got there
  6. How many ships do you own? [POLL]

    if only people would live there lives like that ... this world would be so much .... simpler , but hell no... we gota get them all and NOW !! ..
  7. Just bought P-72. Thanks Reavern. Good price and fast transaction .
  8. Professional Volleyball

    lol ...funny, but getting old ... soccer one is the real blast
  9. Santa Monica Popup Event - Photos

    Great photos . Preaching DartJesus with a dartboard as a halo looks cool
  10. Hella

    Freelancer no more ..... Constellation Aquila is a new thing , co-pilot + whole crew ))) see ya guys in TS
  11. Hella

    Hi I am Kryzenshteiner and I am glad to join ya guys. I am into exploration and i got myself a Freelancer Dur. Cant wait to roam the Universe.