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  1. WTS EXPLORATION MEGA-PACK - LTI - 930$ including PayPal fees
  2. Reclaimer is gone , u can close this post now , thanks .
  3. Orion is gone , Reclaimer is still up for grabs
  4. Kryzenshteiner

    Complete Complete

    Want to sell original LTI : Reclaimer - 350$ plus PayPal fees Orion - 350$ plus PayPal fees Sold
  5. Lol Voa , what about a new house u building... There is no limit in spending , and u just got 1.5k short , although for a new house 1.5 k is nothing , u ll get that later ))) . I got one too , melted a bunch though , for me it's a must have ship for any long term operation, great base for an exploration fleet.
  6. Kryzenshteiner

    Want to Trade WTT for Pioneer

    hi i missed out on the Pioneer sale , hopefully someone got a spare one they could part with, i would like to trade some of my ships or store credit for it ships i can offer are : Orion, Carrack, Reclaimer, Khartu-al, Blade, Defender, Eclipse and some ugraded from different hull, ships like Origin 600i, prowler, hull b , m-50, 350-r
  7. got one , pm me or find me in ts or discord
  8. Carrack upgrade is still available , i guess they missed it , its been up there since last sale
  9. Thank you The Base and Juntau for the Ground Vehicle Pack I won during Sunday's stream giveaway!!! Great shows, great music.
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