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  1. Also, BIG news for Planetside announced at the 6 year anniversary stream: A breakdown taken from a Reddit post (will link at bottom) - DX11 is coming (up from DX9), which means a ton of stuff. Shortlist: FPS increased. More "stuff" can be used for hexes. New code/engine base. Microstutter fixes. Threaded asset loading. Better loadtimes. Better shaders/materials/etc. Better SDKs. tl;dr everything is better. - Optimisation 2019 (DX11 + stuff) - New Playe
  2. No you can join any server - no region locking Doesn't help Planetside has a steep learning curve, coupled with other players having years of experience Also sorry for long reply
  3. Will change original to be a bit clear on that. Everyday with around 20 people on
  4. Treat it as a discussion if you want. I'm wandering if there are any PS players around atmo that want to join our sessions as a guest: https://brtd.net/ We average about 20 players around our primetime everyday (8-10pm UK time). Thursdays are our main op/raid night with around 40 players. We divide into organised squads of infantry (main bulk of players/Reaper) ground vehicles (Armour Division) and aircraft (Air Wing) so no matter how you want to play you wont be alone. Feel free to come and go as you please, we welcome anyone as a guest to play along with us. We are a EU based
  5. I will post our session times once a stable 3.0 is released, feel free to join us on our voice comms as a guest
  6. I know how you feel, Planetside could have been so much more than it is now. But it will always hold a special place in my heart. Still same people running the company, the only thing that changed was the name when it gold sold off, ontop of that Smedley left as president few months back.
  7. Hey! Nice to see other planetmans gearing up for SC! I hope in this game we wont be shooting at each other REBR not going into SC? Planetside will also be getting a huge update in the form of player made bases soon through the use of a new vehicle - The ANT so feel free to return when it releases. However PS1 ANT will always hold a special place in my heart
  8. Who are we? Originally created at the release of Planetside back in 2003, BRTD is one of the most successful and active communities throughout the games history. Our focus is to create a fun, casual, and rewarding environment for all our members while ensuring we have the ability to knuckle down and get serious when necessary. These ideals have given way for our mantra; "Have fun and get shit done". We are now expanding our community into the Star Citizen universe looking for like minded players to join us. Structure - Two Organisations, Working Together Due to the diversity o
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