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  1. Thanks for posting this, amazing and terrifying footage. I can't believe they had to hunker down for backup that long. It's amazing they made it out.
  2. Next week would be amazing, but highly unlikely as it hasn't even hit the PTU yet... Maybe by the end of the month given past history and the approaching Gamescom.
  3. A lot of good stuff in this one. Procedural planets seems to be far enough along that QA has had it for a month. Its likely to be rock-solid by Gamescom in August. I'd be very surprised if we see any major features before then. Multi-factor authentication also seems to be important for security of our accounts, though I'm Leary of the idea. I am very disappointed with steam guard and the phone app they have you use so lets hope that CIG does a better job of it. They seem to be really cranking on the ships now - perhaps due to employee ramp-up as much as anything. Sounds
  4. ... because they make more money by creating artificial scarcity in resources to drive up the desire to "buy now" when the sale hits? They've been doing it for years. It seemed like they could have gotten off that train at various points, but certain rabid fans decry the loss of their uniqueness whenever a limited sale ship goes up for sale again. I'm afraid we're stuck with the current marketing system until the game formally launches.
  5. Somehow I missed this too - thanks for sharing it! I too am a long time warhammer fantasy & total war fan -- about time that it's getting the same treatment as 40k has for years.
  6. Hey Everyone, I was very excited to log onto the VKB/Stratojet website to find that they are starting pre-orders for the gladiator line of joysticks set to deliver in June (or maybe six months later, as per VKB norms): Press Release: http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=2185 Gladiator Pro with metal gimbles and MARS sensors $249 (http://www.gostratojet.com/Gladiator_Pro/index.html) Gladiator (budget?) with MARS sensors $100 (http://www.gostratojet.com/Gladiator/index.html) T-Rudder Pedals Mk. IV $249 (http://www.gostratojet.com/TRudder4Pedals/index.html)
  7. Paidin

    Battlefield 1

    It seems highly unlikely to bear any resemblance to actual WWI combat -- which is probably a good thing because it was absolutely a horrible situation made worse by some very poor command decisions. An "actual" world war I experience would involve taking shelter from a sustained (read: hours to days long) artillery barrage only to repel your opponents advance by cutting them down with machine guns and rifle fire as they charged head long into your guns --- only to try the same exact tactic against your enemy leading to many of your companions being senselessly wounded or killed to potentially
  8. Sadly I haven't been able to find one. There is a guy live on twitter: https://twitter.com/476th_vFG
  9. While I have absolutely zero interest in purchasing the various VD ships to date, I don't mind that they are up for sale. The proceeds go toward the cause and my wallet is free from temptation. That's a win-win for me anyway. The Corvette may be a different story however when it comes around...
  10. This my friend sums up my star citizen addiction perfectly. This particular insanity that has gripped us is very strong indeed -- but without it we might not get the BDSEE we are all hoping for! Keep up the fight good friends.
  11. Good flyin' with your crew last night. Keep up the good work!
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