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  1. Myst Phoenix


    Heyo! Welcome! First off, don't let the huge size of Imperium intimidate you, it's a fantastic community, and we don't just do Star Citizen (though that certainly is what brought us together and remains the focus for the collective), we play a bunch of other games as well and everyone is usually pretty welcoming and willing towards drop ins on games. Imperium is split up by divisions (exploration, trading, diplomacy, etc.), and units that usually focus that group's efforts on one or two aspects of gameplay, though you are by no means restricted to that if you join a unit. Again, Welcome to Imperium! ~ Myst Sent from the Battlestar Galactica using Tapatalk
  2. Myst Phoenix

    Turning Off Guns

    This is a good discussion to have regarding the suspension of disbelief required when it comes to video games in general. It is entirely impossible, even with recent virtual reality advancements, to have a 100% realistic experience in a game, hence the reason it is called a game. People can drop out at any time, and there's no real risk/consequence to actions (There's the PC death mechanic, but to a pirate/griefer, how much will they really care?). To address that specific situation though, if you walk into a government office (In the U.S. at least), and in certain places like sporting arenas and whatnot, security checkpoints are much more common, and they restrict access to weapons of any sort (I work as a security officer for a private contracting organization.) Sure you could have a little lcp338 stuck up your ass, and no I will not snap the rubber gloves, but this game mechanic is the functional equivalent of a TSA checkpoint, which I am sure is a wee bit more advanced in this time setting. Rather than have a security bot stop you every time you enter the bar though, you might just get a weapons disabled pop up on your hud. Its a solution to a problem, and not every little thing needs a reason that fits with the lore. BTW your response is fantastic, and explains exactly how I'd imagine the devs' thoughts were! Just wanted to expand this to cover similar topics that I often see gripes about
  3. Myst Phoenix

    Starfox trailer video

    There's a new Starfox?!?!?! On a sidenote, they got Shigeru Miyamoto and Production IG to make this short. Those are big names!
  4. Myst Phoenix

    Gaming The System

    This exactly. In a competitive environment, everyone is out to get an edge. And everyone's else's edge seems to be just a little bit sharper sometimes
  5. Myst Phoenix

    Gaming The System

    To use Guild Wars 2 as an example again, I do believe they had an economist on staff whose sole job was to monitor the player market and do damage control if/when exploits were found. Game companies take this stuff seriously, or at least the good ones do. Yaaaaaa... Again, this is where I would put my rule into place, would I tell others about it, or keep it a secret? I'd like to think I'd be the good little Johnny and report the bug buuuuuut who doesn't want an 890 Jump?
  6. Myst Phoenix

    Gaming The System

    And I think that is the crux of it. Most people don't care unless it really is blatant cheating. I can't think of a good example off the top of my head, but I generally applaud the folks who find and report the exploits they find. I think a lot of the talk of "Gaming a System" can be equated to calls for nerfing a weapon. If someone feels that another player has an unfair advantage it's almost a knee jerk reaction to cry hacker/cheater/your mom's ____. (I'm sure we've all at least thought it while playing an FPS.) And now we have a game that many have spent hundreds if not thousands on, so there will be a lot of passion behind what is, effectively, a long term investment. (This is going to be a terrible analogy) It's like if I just went out and finally got a brand new sweatshirt I had ordered a month ago for $40. The next day my friend goes into the store and gets the same sweatshirt for $20 because the store had a special sale on that sweatshirt. I'm going to be a bit upset because I had to pay more for it, even though at the time I may have that it was a decent enough deal. My friend didn't do anything wrong, but will I be in the wrong to feel a bit cheated? It all comes down to perception, though. So I guess it begs the question, how do we draw the line? @AstroJak This is a good question and thought experiment, thanks!
  7. Myst Phoenix

    Gaming The System

    My personal experience is with Guild Wars 2, before the last expansion dropped, my primary income came from playing the markets in the game, and with there being a constant unchanging meta, it was easy to "min-max" profits without a whole lot of risk. That's where I found a lot of enjoyment in that game though, after I became bored with the dungeons and story. For some people, myself included to an extent, we want to push the math and maximize efficiency, as any MOBA player will agree with skill rotations and item loadouts. And I loved the math. My personal rule, I guess, for drawing the line on whether or not my actions were okay was if I would be willing to teach someone else how to do what I did. If I would explain it, then chances are it is not something that is rule-breaking or some sort of an outrageous "Oh my god, he's hacking!!!" If I wouldn't be willing to explain it, then either I'm more than like violating some sort of CoC, or I'm just an asshole. This really boils down in my eyes to 'Playing the meta.' Some people want to get from Point A to Point B as fast as possible, others like to enjoy the journey. And there's a lot of grey area in between. When you play within the confines of the game (read: not using exploits) I personally don't see a problem with min-maxers. Plus, like the others have said, we all play the system to some extent, and, with star citizen, that's half the game.
  8. Myst Phoenix

    10 for the Chairman: Episode 83

    Yup. This. If anything I'll be that guy and just read the tl;dw summary =/ I like to step away from "early access" projects for a few months, and then come back and have a mini Christmas with the new features. Sent from the Battlestar Galactica using tapatalk
  9. Myst Phoenix

    Reporting for duty!

    Welcome to Imperium! Poke me in TS if I'm on and I'll be down to crash fly with you!
  10. Myst Phoenix

    what do you hope to find in the universe

    Oh I'm sorry! That was Jerry wasn't it? I always get them mixed up!
  11. Myst Phoenix

    what do you hope to find in the universe

    ....I'm ashamed to admit that took me a second. Can we stop and imagine that situation for a second though? Ship is clearly on emergency back up power, probably for the eleventh time due to a faulty fuse, and you're grumbling to yourself as you walk down the halls to the reactor room and all of a sudden POP! Greg sticks his cute little noggin out and sneezes! And he's not even covering his mouth! The nerve...
  12. So... What you're saying is... You have a hard time getting it up? I'll show myself out.
  13. LAUNCH VIPERS, PREPARE THE FLEET FOR JUMP. Seriously, holy shitcakes That's a really good point, has anyone been reporting crashing out from this from server loss?
  14. Myst Phoenix

    Greetings Fellow Citizens

    Welcome to Imperium Casunix! Hop on TeamSpeak sometime and jump in a lobby! We do all sorts of games right now, though The Division is sorta the flavor of the month, so I'm sure you can find some fun. Seeya in the 'verse!
  15. Myst Phoenix

    10 For the Developers: Episode 7

    I'm sure it's been said before, but I absolutely love that the team does these videos. For me it's not so much for reassurance that the game is getting done, but it's a look into the the development process of a (virtually) AAA game, something that is normally seen as hush hush, behind closed doors, dark magic rituals. Maybe I'm weird, but I'm one of those "The journey is as important" nutjobs.