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  1. Hi, Need to sell my account. On account i have: Coni Taurus package SC + SQ42 upgraded from Aurora MR ( 3 month insurance) meltable for 160 (not giftable) also have CCU from Taurus to Khartul-al Vandul Blade LTI - Standalone, meltable for 250 (not giftable) Store credits 100 USD Greycat buggy 2x subscriber flairs 5 USD each (giftable) also you can unmelt P72 LTI for 36 usd Taurus to Khartu-al CCU x3 Khartul-al to Taurus CCU x3 Vandul Blade to Vanguard Warden CCU Vaguard Warden to Reedemer CCU Taurus to Retaliator Base CCU Retaliator Base to Taurus CCU so total on acount 520 USD worth of store credits very few posts on forum. Price is 350 USD via paypal