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  1. Constantin Valdor

    Greetings from BWC!

    Hey guys, I am the current Commanding Officer for Star CItizen in Black Widow Company. Wanted to get out and introduce ourselves to your great looking site and community. I like alot of the concepts you guys have here especially the NAP you have posted in the embassy. I know the importance of alliances and working together for a common cause. With that in mind, we also have an embassy on our website, http://www.the-bwc.com/wp. Once the game gets closer to release I would like to at least have diplomatic relationships with the major players in the game. I will be working on my boss on the possibilities of alliances and other forms of agreement. Just a little about us: We are a military style, veteran owned gaming community. A lot of us are active duty military, veterans, law enforcement, first responders etc that were drawn together with the sameideals. We currently fully support Mechwarrior Online and Planetside 2, with Star Citizen being our newest addition. Thanks for the invite to check out the site! -CV
  2. Constantin Valdor

    Another Planetside 2 Operation

    Hey guys, Last week's joint operation went really well. Had two full platoons of guys wrecking mayhem. Let me know if anyone is interested in this. Thinking about possibly this Friday at 2000 EST (GMT-5) Let me know if you guys are interested in participating.
  3. Constantin Valdor

    Another Planetside 2 Operation

    We are confirmed for Friday at 2000 EST. Please show up 30 minutes early or else I can't guarantee you a spot in our star citizen platoon/squads.
  4. Constantin Valdor

    Planetside2 Joint Op

    Thinking of putting an operation together for all pact members to work on team building running air ops in ps2. If any of you are interested let me know. Looking at this upcoming Saturday at 2000 est. let me know guys
  5. Constantin Valdor

    Planetside2 Joint Op

    Hopefully next time we can round up some more
  6. Constantin Valdor

    Planetside2 Joint Op

    And put your corp tags in front of ur name such as [iMP]
  7. Constantin Valdor

    Planetside2 Joint Op

    this is our TS channel, please be on 15-20 minutes before the operation so we can organize squads and platoons ts.the-bwc.com No password
  8. Constantin Valdor

    Planetside2 Joint Op

    Whoops, posted this a bunch left that part out... Mattherson server us east, TR faction Great chance to work together with the other pact members in a joint op
  9. Constantin Valdor

    Going to Give EVE a Go

    It's a fun game, i just didnt have the time to devot to it but if you get into a good corp in a decent alliance the game gets much more fun
  10. Constantin Valdor

    Oculus Rift

    great looking device... I can only hope it isnt a beastly weighing thing otherwise your going to be needing a chiropractor after a few hours of gaming
  11. Constantin Valdor

    Imperium Recruitment (StarCitizenBase.com Fleet)

    love the image you guys created, great art work
  12. Constantin Valdor

    Marine Weapons. . .

    Bolters and chainswords gentleman... bolters and chainswords