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  1. Wish I could go. I'd been socking away money since last CitizenCon in the hopes of attending this year, but medical expenses in this country are highway robbery. Guess I'll have to kick plans to visit the UK several more years down the road.
  2. Looks a little fragile, to be honest. As someone with big, heavy hands I would be scared of potentially breaking it with any rapid movements.
  3. If it can break through rock, it can break through a hull.
  4. Does your wallet still have money in it? (Y/N)
  5. It's unfortunate Stephen Hawking couldn't be here to see such a pivotal moment for science, astrology and astrophysics.
  6. So in other words, it's a a subspace distortion field (aka warp) from Star Trek, just without a deflector array. You're speaking my technobabble now.
  7. If you're asking whether ships can be entirely refitted and re-purposed to fulfill a different role or add adding different components onto it, the answer so far has been "Maybe?" with raised voice and shrugged shoulders. CIG has mentioned that several ships will have kits that can be interchanged and that components can be added or swapped out, but I doubt it will be anything that can drastically alter something. We likely won't be able to weld metal sheets onto ships to create a jerry-rigged plate armor or something like that. But your example of gutting a Terrapin and putting in things to turn it into an RV, a UHaul or a taco truck might be in the realm of possibility. It all depends on what the game can handle.
  8. Today on April 1st, the moderators of r/Games decided to close the subreddit for 24 hours to bring attention to the serious issue of toxic behavior within the gaming community. We have all seen examples of some of attitudes highlighted in the thread in one place or another.

    There are even examples of this within the Star Citizen community, some on the web and others in person. The least we can do is call this kind of toxicity out when we see it and show support for those affected by it.

  9. Because in the increasingly neo-feudal late capitalist hellscape we're living in people have little else to look forward to other than death and the partaking of distractions to entertain themselves until the seas consume us. Anything which burdens or causes stress to us is now also pressing on that part of our brain aware of our hastening doom, and the desire for preservation kicks in. And like you mentioned, CIG wouldn't be doing this if they didn't have lots of data pointing to the $0 CCU market not being too large.
  10. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a dedicated battlespace control vessel of some kind.
  11. fix'd And also this. Fuck Epic for their shitty business practices, and fuck any developer who jumps to the Epic Store out of greed.
  12. J. Coren


    Here is to hoping there is a tethering/spelunking/rope system included. Aside from making great gameplay opportunities, it'd be a nice addition to the movement in general.
  13. You guys are getting bent over the stool on that. Depending on where you look you can find Anthem at a third of the price here in the US.
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