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  1. Core problem with 6dof, what do you think?

    Where to start... 3). Side boost parallel to your opponent and hit them in the side 4). Side boost around them in a circle, as they will likely be doing with you There are 3 major points about 6dof combat once it's once a furball has started. 1- Always be aiming at your enemy 2 - Always be moving 3- Vary up your direction of travel, because travelling in a predictable path is just as bad as standing still. The jury has been in on this with games going all the way back to games like Descent. Star Trek animates it that way because how ships move in a fight is not as important to each episode as the conflict presented to the characters aboard the ships getting thrown around in chairs with sparking instrument panels. Star Wars is like that because George Lucas wanted to make a WWII movie that paid homage to Flash Gordon, and filming models moving in 6dof would have been too difficult in the mid 1970s. In both universes, the physics of space combat does not matter because there is the intention to tell a story with action rather than have the action color how the story is told. There are universes which incorporate realistic physics in combat such as The Expanse, but the difference there is they they establish up front that the manipulation of energy is primary to space combat rather than being just a storytelling device. This is an arbitrary limitation designed to keep players from breaking the game. Almost every space game has this with a few notable physics-based titles like Kerbal Space Program. Someone could potentially move too quickly for the server to handle and cause a bunch of problems, especially in multicrew ships. As people have confirmed and demonstrated, yes. You would need to power down your thrusters to see your ship get pulled around by gravity. There is even a gif floating around on this site of that exactly. They are comparable. They just don't have the same acceleration rate the main engines have. Thrusters have to move the entire ship in any direction, and given time they will move the ship in any direction at its full speed. To justify a completely different flight model from what was advertised by explaining that there is suddenly enough mass within the vacuum of SPACE to make an atmospheric flight model viable means they'd have to tack something on that would sound utterly and completely nonsensical. Space is space is goddamn SPACE! It is vast, empty, and characterized by the lack of matter which objects can move through, thus why our species has come to call this vast expanse of nothing "space". It's just easier to convince people that thrusters have become so powerful nearly a millennium from now that gravity from even the largest of planets is counteracted, allowing for 6dof movement. More importantly though, Chris Roberts wants this to be a 6dof game, so that means it will be. It's his game, and that's how he likes it, and that's how it will be. If he wanted a model more like Wing Commander or the Elite games he would have made it that way, but he didn't. And if that irks you, I suggest you reconcile with your predicament, because CR and the majority of players do not see any of this as a "core problem".
  2. 3.2 PTU released

    Buy a $10 gift card.
  3. ship Heavy Crusier

    Why the main cannon behind the bridge tho?
  4. Blind Culling delayed - again

    Because Road to CitizenCon was a response to people getting upset over CitizenCon and demanding answers for Squadron 42's absence. It's in their best interest to make sure the bad doesn't happen in the first place.
  5. CIG at E3 - 2018

    Woe is me that I want trailers meant to attract people from outside our community to be good.
  6. CIG at E3 - 2018

    I thought this trailer was pretty weak. I actually had to watch it again to remember what even happened in it. Were I layman, I'd have been left with the impression of "meh, looks like a generic space shooter game". I'd have preferred it to be something along the lines of Citizens. A monologue or reading of something deep and meaningful set against beautiful shots of land and space that will be in 3.2.
  7. Sataisfactory Trailer

    This game should be labeled a public health concern. Potential side effects: Loss of time Poor Hygiene Irritability Empty pet bowls Plates and cups amassing on desk space
  8. RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    Expecting stealth from a 100+ meter corvette designed to be an attack craft with capital components is impractical. The most you could do to make it stealthy is powering down everything but essential systems and using it as a low-key landing pad. But even then you still have a massive 100+ meter cross section that will make you stand out.
  9. Blind Culling delayed - again

    Let the rustling begin! As someone who plays games on their laptop exclusively now (and will for the foreseeable future until graphics card prices come down) this just means I'll have to wait a while longer unless I want to play Powerpoint Citizen. But there are plenty of other games I can play until then, so it's no big deal.
  10. Organic matter found on Mars

    CNN's credibility, whatever state an individual may or may not believe it to be in, is not in question. Your choice of slipping that in, is. It should not have even been typed out in the first place. Point being that using a major scientific milestone which will end up in the science textbooks of generations to come as a means to take a stab at a group you dislike is in shockingly poor taste.
  11. Organic matter found on Mars

    Thank you for using one of the biggest discoveries in the history of space exploration to couch a political statement. I'm sure Carl Sagan would have nodded approvingly.
  12. The Retaliator for me. Though it's sad to see it now be outclassed by the Polaris as the premier bomber on the number of active torpedo tubes and magazine size along. It's sorely in need of a new pass to make it be able to compete with newer ships. And make it a radical redesign at that.
  13. Aegis Eclispe

    I'd actually prefer if the field of view was slightly more narrow, had bars on the canopy and maybe two small viewports on the cockpit ceiling to drive the F117 influences home a bit more. You should feel constricted and cramped in a cockpit like this, as if you've been entombed in glass and metal.
  14. Aegis Eclispe

    You're flying a stealth bomber dude! You're not going to need a bubble canopy to keep track of all those fighters you won't be dogfighting. This idea that all ships need to have canopies like an F16 needs to die.
  15. And now the media outlets have picked it up. Whether we like it or not, a lot of people read Polygon who are not educated on how the industry works, nor will read into how it does. So when they see stories like this about a game with a lot of negative press they naturally assume it's a scam. "Why else would a game studio make you pay $27000 to play it if it wasn't a scam?"