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  1. J. Coren

    Hammerhead - Corvette Anti-fighter

    The Carrack is an exploration ship that needs everything and the kitchen sink to come with it. The Hammerhead is a warship designed to a series of tubes leading to important action stations. It doesn't need space for anything else other than its crew.
  2. J. Coren

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    Fuck that, think bigger! Get the license from Disney and remake SW:G as in the vein of Star Citizen.
  3. J. Coren

    Gameday, December 15th

    Will be there.
  4. J. Coren

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    At this point anything that can be chalked up to "malicious intent" from CIG can simply be explained away by stupidity and dysfunction. More likely someone threw out a line preemptively before confirming it with their supervisor and it lead to someone making a statement that had to later be recanted. In reality though, most people who own the Idris-K kit will probably will have moved on to a Javelin by the time the insurance on the kit runs out.
  5. J. Coren

    Xi’an Scout & Next Flight Model

    From how the new flight model has been described, the Xi'an Scout will probably be the most nimble ship since it uses thrust vectoring. It'll probably fly circles around fighters like the Super Hornet and Vanguard. The big question though is what its hydrogen reserves will be like. It may be the most nimble fighter, but that won't matter if its fuel is exhausted before it can deal any significant damage to its target. As for changes, I'm sure there will be some cockpit reworks and maybe a redone exterior in order to bring it more inline with the ever evolving ship pipeline. But I doubt it will be anything significant like with the Gladius rework.
  6. J. Coren

    Hammerhead Crew Needed

    Calling dibs on Helmsman.
  7. J. Coren

    What would you do?

    Throw it into the nearest sun and let the cleansing light of Z0rg burn it all away!
  8. J. Coren

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    I have to agree. This ship wasn't promised or sold at concept ahead of time, so they had the opportunity to get the stats right off the bat and didn't.
  9. J. Coren


    If ever there is a reason I might need business cards for Citizen get togethers, it's to have a disclaimer on the back stating "Imperium SCB is in not and is in no way associated with Imperium, Clusterfuck Coalition, Goonswarm Federation, or Something Awful."
  10. Exactly! In the age of the post-release content patches, pre-alpha Early Access, Day One DLC, pre-release DLC and any number of despicable practices in the industry today, the term "release" just means "open for purchase on major storefronts". Star Citizen will probably have many "post-release" additions in quarterly patches that will make it more feature complete. Considering though that this project was announced in 2012 with a deadline of 2014 that was then later erased to "when it's done", it does mean a lot to have a roadmap which can help us at least speculate on when the game will see a wider release. This panel was the little glimmer of light to show there was an end to the tunnel.
  11. J. Coren

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    This addresses just about all of the major criticisms I have with this ship. Though I actually think the upper deck could be remodeled to cut a meter or so off it to add little more room below, and perhaps put mounts on the back ramp to allow one to add another door MG or two.
  12. J. Coren

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    There are a number of improvements which could be made, but for a first pass of a ship that went straight to flight ready without any announcement beforehand, it's alright. The biggest problem I have with it thus far is rear ramp access. Having buttons outside and inside like on the Cutlass would be the biggest quality of life improvement. Not to mention that if you have the luxury of a landing zone to bring in dedicated cargo ships, you'd be bringing in something bigger than a Valkyrie. Though I do see a use for it in doing deliveries in hot LZs with loose cargo like ammo and med supplies.
  13. And people in Hell want ice water. If in the 2010s you still choose to anchor yourself to archaic underpowered boxes when you could spend the same amount of money on a budget gaming PC and learn everything you need to in a 45 minute tutorial, you do not deserve Squadron 42. The biggest boundary to PCs used to be their complicated nature, but now the only boundary holding someone back from making a gaming-capable PC is their lack of desire to educate themselves.
  14. The mission completed during the demo netted 4000 aUEC. The retrieval mission could possibly have been trimmed down to ~30 minutes including all time spent around Lorville. The ammo expended and the cost of meds (being as Glenn took several nasty hits with invincibility turned on) and fuel might make a gain of ~75%. You'd have enough for an Aurora after 3-5 hours of running missions like that. But like you said, there are likely going to be riskier yet higher paying missions, but those might only have a 60-85% net gain once the cost of ammo, fuel, and repairs are tallied up. This means mining and cargo running are going to be the big ways in which someone makes money for something like a Hammerhead.
  15. J. Coren

    Drake Kraken

    That doesn't mean it can't be used like that. Have some place like the Dragonfly Bay or other large areas be where traders set up booths for customers to come and make purchases, Then the crew transfers the cargo and has it delivered to their respective pad and everyone walks away happy. It can be tooled to become exactly what I thought it might be - a flying truck stop - with a little effort and a small support fleet to continue replenishing cargo and fuel. It's a versatile vessel, but I'm not much a fan of the idea of a carrier having an exposed fighter complement and no acknowledgement so far about how armored it will be. I'll probably stick with my Idris.