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  1. J. Coren

    Ongoing Discussion Calibrate my monitor? Wha?

    I have a book of Pantone chips which have served a similar purpose. Whenever I need to calibrate a monitor, I look up a color chip, find the matching chip and then calibrate until they are noticeably similar. It also helps me when I need to have something designed online.
  2. All it took to end a month long government shutdown was controllers striking at two airports for less than a day.

    Just another reminder that Labor has more power than it thinks.

  3. J. Coren

    ships How many ships are in the UEE fleet

    The maximum would be 37 then if that were the case. I doubt they are all named after systems. Most are probably named after admirals, locations of note or have a legacy names (e.g. Enterprise). That is unless there are less than 37 frigates in the entire Navy, in which case it is much smaller than has been let on.
  4. J. Coren

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    And made a group of people that was otherwise indifferent to them hostile, causing problems for them and anything they try to do in the future.
  5. J. Coren

    Ghost Busters 3 "teaser"

    Let's take a look at the production and distribution companies... All the companies that made the 2016 film are involved in this project as well. On top of that, the film is going to begin production in summer of 2019 for a release in summer of 2020, giving the film less than a year for principal photography and post production before an edit can be sent out for marketing months ahead of release. I'm already out. Short of Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman giving this film a positive review in earnest, I'm not going to bother with it.
  6. J. Coren

    ships How many ships are in the UEE fleet

    Enough that there is an entire solar system dedicated to construction, training and upkeep of a navy that can maintain control of 37 star systems of varying size, population, cultures, infrastructures, and propensities for skulduggery. The numbers of Navy service personnel has to be somewhere in the tens of millions, and the number of capital ships has to be in the high hundreds if not thousands. They're probably comparable to the Romulan Star Empire in terms of fleet strength. Not so huge that they can wage or win an all out war, but powerful enough that they can expand and maintain territory while making others think twice before engaging in hostilities.
  7. Where is your god now, wired headset users!


    Your attempts to tether me have failed!

  8. J. Coren

    3.4 vs. 3.3 comparison

    Those old Freelancer textures really contextualize just how far this project has come. Also, holy shit! I once thought THOSE textures were good at one point.
  9. J. Coren

    Holiday Promotion is live now

    A Squadron 42+SC Mustang/Aurora bundle would be a great thing gift to get people in the game. Least they could do is that.
  10. This^ This is a pervasive problem within the gaming community at large. Men who game as their primary hobby tend to feel a sense of ownership over it and will begin to gate keep like they're a bouncer at the Salty Spittoon. Any woman looking to get into more niche communities outside of the casual games designed for mass appeal find themselves the subject of harassment going in two directions. One is a form of gate keeping to see if they're "hardcore enough", and the other one which seeks to strip her of any sense of individuality or expression of femininity. Only once she has been brought to heel and rigidly conform with a community can she then begin getting harassed and swooned over by the ronery looking for female attention. If you want a great example of how bad this problem is, look no further than... This isn't going to go away because more games include female avatars (though that does go a long way to help normalize women and LGBTQ as gamers). The "hardcore" gaming community in its many niches have to stop with the purity testing and be more open and inclusive to individual expression and identity if they want their communities to grow. This is also a very pervasive problem in Airsoft as well. The community's lack of effort to confront it has led many young girls and women looking to get into a weapon-based action sport to quit because of the harassment they had to deal with. There is an entire second half of the population that wants to join the club. We just have to keep the door open.
  11. Often these companies get swallowed up by major energy concerns, and their innovations quietly disposed of. The list of groundbreaking projects shitcanned by Koch, Exxon, BP, etc is in the hundreds at this point.
  12. J. Coren

    Hammerhead - Corvette Anti-fighter

    The Carrack is an exploration ship that needs everything and the kitchen sink to come with it. The Hammerhead is a warship designed to a series of tubes leading to important action stations. It doesn't need space for anything else other than its crew.
  13. J. Coren

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    Fuck that, think bigger! Get the license from Disney and remake SW:G as in the vein of Star Citizen.
  14. J. Coren

    Gameday, December 15th

    Will be there.
  15. J. Coren

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    At this point anything that can be chalked up to "malicious intent" from CIG can simply be explained away by stupidity and dysfunction. More likely someone threw out a line preemptively before confirming it with their supervisor and it lead to someone making a statement that had to later be recanted. In reality though, most people who own the Idris-K kit will probably will have moved on to a Javelin by the time the insurance on the kit runs out.