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  1. For those in the UK or EU who want to attend, but didn't get a ticket, there is always volunteering. CIG accepts volunteers at every event free of admission. You will be working, but you will be able to attend. I'd planned and saved for two weeks in the UK centered around this event. Unfortunately, medical expenses wiped out almost everything, so even if I volunteered I'd never be able to afford travel expenses. Might just start saving up for a nice, big place to host a party out of next year.
  2. Nice that they took the inspiration from the 9K33 system. More Soviet-inspired designs, please! As mentioned, this kind of vehicle was inevitable. Though considering its design task and the kinds of ships it can be expected to bring down, I feel the choice to make it a missile platform as opposed to a SPAAG will render it toothless with simple and effective deployment of countermeasures. I'd imagine if it were to mount something similar to a Hammerhead turret but with ballistics I'd say you have yourself a fairly effective system. But until there is a complete sensor revamp and tactics like notching become necessary and effective at evading missiles, I don't see this thing being a truly effective anti-air platform.
  3. THIS is how you change a nation. Not through voting in a system designed to disenfranchise you. Not by electing people from lives of privilege to positions of power where they will serve those with interests antithetical to yours. Compromise is a long road that ends with you left with nothing. Accepting that the "system is the way it is" and that it cannot be changed is but billboard along the highway to your eventual enslavement. Direct action is the only way to ensure your voice is heard. Mass defiance is the only way to get their attention. People of blood, flesh and bone built these institutions, and they can just as easily be destroyed and rebuilt anew better than before. Never for an instant accept that things cannot get better because the system cannot allow for it, because there is always the alternative of getting rid of the system. Always remember: United, we bargain. Divided, we beg. Stand tall. Stand proud. Stand together. Love and respect to the protesters of Hong Kong. You set an example for all of us.
  4. I know at least half a dozen people who are now looking to buy a Switch because there is a new mainline Animal Crossing.


    Smart move, Nintendo.

    1. Gallitin


      Do what?  Link me please :)

    2. Fintz
    3. Gallitin


      Uh....people are excited about this?  I don't get it.... :)

  5. Definitely going to buy it. Hopefully they learn from the numerous criticisms of the first game (pacing mostly) and apply them going forward.
  6. BAH GAWD, THAT'S AMAZON MUSIC! AND HE'S COMIN' IN WITH A STEEL CHAIR! Holy shit! That's tempting fate if I've ever seen it. Arguing that everything using Amazon's Lumberyard is retroactively bound to CryTek's License Agreement sounds like a good way to get your entire case thrown out at best, or possibly restarting a whole new case that now involves the world's largest company on the side of the accused at worst.
  7. Wish I could go. I'd been socking away money since last CitizenCon in the hopes of attending this year, but medical expenses in this country are highway robbery. Guess I'll have to kick plans to visit the UK several more years down the road.
  8. Looks a little fragile, to be honest. As someone with big, heavy hands I would be scared of potentially breaking it with any rapid movements.
  9. If it can break through rock, it can break through a hull.
  10. Does your wallet still have money in it? (Y/N)
  11. It's unfortunate Stephen Hawking couldn't be here to see such a pivotal moment for science, astrology and astrophysics.
  12. So in other words, it's a a subspace distortion field (aka warp) from Star Trek, just without a deflector array. You're speaking my technobabble now.
  13. If you're asking whether ships can be entirely refitted and re-purposed to fulfill a different role or add adding different components onto it, the answer so far has been "Maybe?" with raised voice and shrugged shoulders. CIG has mentioned that several ships will have kits that can be interchanged and that components can be added or swapped out, but I doubt it will be anything that can drastically alter something. We likely won't be able to weld metal sheets onto ships to create a jerry-rigged plate armor or something like that. But your example of gutting a Terrapin and putting in things to turn it into an RV, a UHaul or a taco truck might be in the realm of possibility. It all depends on what the game can handle.
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