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  1. J. Coren

    Star Trek Captain Picard Returns

    He commanded a Galaxy-class and Sovereign-class battleship. Even if he didn't make it into Starfleet's senior admiralty, being given command of ships such as that is an indication of what how well regarded that officer is. And keep in mind Picard is also a partially de-assimilated Borg who still has several implants inside of him. Just that alone is enough to make him worthy of suspicion in the eyes of a lot of senior command staff.
  2. J. Coren

    Star Trek Captain Picard Returns

    You mean he wasn't already? If Jean Luc Picard were a real person, the "intellectual dark web" would be making videos nearly every day with thumbnails of him photoshopped with pink hair. This series would have to be post-Nemesis if it's going to remain in the Prime timeline. That means that this Picard has dealt with The Borg numerous times (once almost losing his entire crew), has fought in the Dominion War, survived an assassination attempt by his own clone and watched Data blow himself up to stop it. He may be more weary than he was in TNG, but I doubt Sir Patrick Stewart would let the legacy of JLP be twisted and tarnished in a show that is clearly a kneejerk by CBS to get fans back onboard after Discovery got it ass handed to it by The Orville. But then again Patrick Stewart also decided it was a good idea to play a literal piece of shit in the Emoji Movie, so for all I know he's lost his mind.
  3. Also a good reminder that this applies to almost every digital media transaction. You are not legally guaranteed the product you pay for, nor are you guaranteed a refund. If a company, whether it be CIG, Valve, Netflix or Amazon Video wants to fuck you over, they can. The only thing that can stop this are consumer protection laws and regulations made to benefit the end user. Welcome to the nightmare of a digital millennium. Enjoy your stay.
  4. J. Coren

    The Best ATV SNEAK PEAK - ever !!!

    Ben, because we never see him anymore.
  5. J. Coren

    The Best ATV SNEAK PEAK - ever !!!

    Oh no, Chris has been watching too much RedLetterMedia.
  6. J. Coren

    Random SC Humor

    Note: Reclaimer died on the way back to his home planet.
  7. J. Coren

    Fleet View Tool

    I'd prefer to not give any info to anyone who isn't RSI or Imperium in regards to my hangar. I know it can be tempting to someone to show off your stuff, but just don't. Not even manually. Just don't. Ignore that Instagram urge.
  8. J. Coren

    F8 Lightning

    Heavy fighters are just that. More heavily armed and armored craft designed to do more than the regular fighter. They are built to pound their enemies into dust in a fight ever time through superiority of firepower or use of a specific system that gives them an advantage, like the F14 with its radar or the BF 110 with its absurd air-to-air armament. They could also be built to go beyond what the regular fighter can achieve with mission types, like the Mosquito or P-61 Black Widow. The only acceptable addition to it would be a tandem cockpit seat that could remotely control the turret and systems to try and squeeze some more power out of it, since that's fitting to what we know heavy fighters to have. But it does not need a bed.
  9. J. Coren

    Ongoing Discussion VKB Space Combat Grip

    And for something predominantly plastic as well. Not to say that plastic is bad, but if I had to place bets on whether a metal or plastic stick is going to last longer being used day in and day out, my money is on the metal.
  10. J. Coren

    Overclock the Hammerhead Turrets

    I sure as shit wouldn't want my turret gunners doing anything that might potentially put the ship at risk. If the ship takes a hit from a missile a turret could have intercepted had they not burned out seconds before because the operator overclocked trying to shoot down a fighter, that doesn't do anyone any good. Overclocking the shields or engines would be smarter, as it directly contributes to the ship's survivability. The decision to overclock a system shouldn't be a decision non-engineering or command crew should be making, as it's not their place to make that determination. Besides, the strength of the Hammerhead is the coverage it offers and its ability to lay down enough fire to make anyone think twice about approaching it, or something it may be escorting. It's greatest asset is not its guns as much as its intimidation factor, knowing that anyone who goes near it is going to be limping away with a few less kilograms of armor.
  11. J. Coren

    Fake GlassDoor Review for CIG exposed

    I tend to not trust anonymous user-submitted review sites since they mostly attract negative reviews, while most people with positive experience won't say anything. My time on Kiwi Farms has also taught me that there is no limit to what a group of exceptional detractors are willing to do in an attempt to try and ruin someone's life and that there is no bottom to the autism barrel to scrape, only a never-ending pit.
  12. J. Coren

    Daymar Rally

    Why would they announce a rally for a game that has a habit of regularly crashing? A rally can last hours, if not days. Do they honestly expect the game to be perfectly stable by January of next year?
  13. J. Coren

    Alpha 3.2 is LIVE

    Contact them about it. You have to have purchase information for it, or have it in your hangar. They'd have announced it if they were removing things from your hangar, so it must be a bug. Report to issue council.
  14. It's a different landscape today than it was in the early 2000s. Back then word of mouth was still driving most sales, and most of the time you went online to look up games to get a review of a boxed copy you saw in a store. But now with social media and massive sites dedicated to games, I'm sure more people know about Star Citizen and what it's trying to achieve now than did with Allegiance.