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  1. And people in Hell want ice water. If in the 2010s you still choose to anchor yourself to archaic underpowered boxes when you could spend the same amount of money on a budget gaming PC and learn everything you need to in a 45 minute tutorial, you do not deserve Squadron 42. The biggest boundary to PCs used to be their complicated nature, but now the only boundary holding someone back from making a gaming-capable PC is their lack of desire to educate themselves.
  2. The mission completed during the demo netted 4000 aUEC. The retrieval mission could possibly have been trimmed down to ~30 minutes including all time spent around Lorville. The ammo expended and the cost of meds (being as Glenn took several nasty hits with invincibility turned on) and fuel might make a gain of ~75%. You'd have enough for an Aurora after 3-5 hours of running missions like that. But like you said, there are likely going to be riskier yet higher paying missions, but those might only have a 60-85% net gain once the cost of ammo, fuel, and repairs are tallied up. This means mining and cargo running are going to be the big ways in which someone makes money for something like a Hammerhead.
  3. J. Coren

    Drake Kraken

    That doesn't mean it can't be used like that. Have some place like the Dragonfly Bay or other large areas be where traders set up booths for customers to come and make purchases, Then the crew transfers the cargo and has it delivered to their respective pad and everyone walks away happy. It can be tooled to become exactly what I thought it might be - a flying truck stop - with a little effort and a small support fleet to continue replenishing cargo and fuel. It's a versatile vessel, but I'm not much a fan of the idea of a carrier having an exposed fighter complement and no acknowledgement so far about how armored it will be. I'll probably stick with my Idris.
  4. If I was shown that trailer in a vacuum without ever having heard of Star Citizen, I might think the same. The cast, flow, and editing makes it seem like a CG movie. Wing Commander IV was good enough to be a film on its own, and seeing all the talent and effort put into it I wouldn't be surprised is someone were to edit it down to a feature film.
  5. J. Coren

    Beyond beacons

    Being able to set your own waypoints has its ups and downs. A major up being that it can allow for greater exploration and tactical/strategic depth. But a major down is that bypassing quantum travel points can completely remove the sense of size in the game. It can also potentially break several gameplay boundary mechanics. There will probably be something that will allow for creating and setting waypoints yourself, but in a game with three dimensional space and full scale solar systems may be too complex for them to have fleshed out mechanic's wise.
  6. J. Coren

    Citizencon 2018

    Check the RSI forums regularly. There might be people who can't show up for any number of reasons and are willing to hand over their ticket for a fellow Citizen. If all else fails, have a look at the Bar Citizen website and you can hang out at the very least.
  7. J. Coren

    Telltale games closing shop

    Unfortunate that a prolific games studio has to close. But let's be honest, the writing was on the wall for a long time. When your business model hinges on acquiring as many IPs as possible to pump out the same formulaic games produced episodically to keep ahead of a wave of debt, you need to be producing big money makers constantly. Even though some of their content is good and all, not enough of their game series were blockbusters like the first season of The Walking Dead. They had one smash hit and had been coasting on that success every since, and it seems the momentum from that has finally stopped.
  8. J. Coren

    citizencon austin

    Start a group PM for everyone who is confirmed to be going. There are too many things that need to be discussed in an orderly manner that a forum post can't provide.
  9. J. Coren

    citizencon austin

    I'm still of the mind that we should have our own pre-event meetup outside of the bar citizens. I can still provide a teleconference microphone if we want to do a podcast or livestream.
  10. J. Coren

    CitizenCon Streaming

    He sure as shit doesn't have anything else to do.
  11. J. Coren

    Star Trek Captain Picard Returns

    He commanded a Galaxy-class and Sovereign-class battleship. Even if he didn't make it into Starfleet's senior admiralty, being given command of ships such as that is an indication of what how well regarded that officer is. And keep in mind Picard is also a partially de-assimilated Borg who still has several implants inside of him. Just that alone is enough to make him worthy of suspicion in the eyes of a lot of senior command staff.
  12. J. Coren

    Star Trek Captain Picard Returns

    You mean he wasn't already? If Jean Luc Picard were a real person, the "intellectual dark web" would be making videos nearly every day with thumbnails of him photoshopped with pink hair. This series would have to be post-Nemesis if it's going to remain in the Prime timeline. That means that this Picard has dealt with The Borg numerous times (once almost losing his entire crew), has fought in the Dominion War, survived an assassination attempt by his own clone and watched Data blow himself up to stop it. He may be more weary than he was in TNG, but I doubt Sir Patrick Stewart would let the legacy of JLP be twisted and tarnished in a show that is clearly a kneejerk by CBS to get fans back onboard after Discovery got it ass handed to it by The Orville. But then again Patrick Stewart also decided it was a good idea to play a literal piece of shit in the Emoji Movie, so for all I know he's lost his mind.
  13. Also a good reminder that this applies to almost every digital media transaction. You are not legally guaranteed the product you pay for, nor are you guaranteed a refund. If a company, whether it be CIG, Valve, Netflix or Amazon Video wants to fuck you over, they can. The only thing that can stop this are consumer protection laws and regulations made to benefit the end user. Welcome to the nightmare of a digital millennium. Enjoy your stay.