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  1. The panel on Pyro was great. Ship talk panel was alright. I'd have maybe liked to see a panel talking more about player characters and all the systems which surround that and perhaps the plans for the future what with us now looking at the first major pillar of Death of a Spaceman coming in 3.15. It'd have been a better presentation rather than spending an hour talking about server meshing again.
  2. Go to this page, scroll to the bottom, click on drivers, download the software. Run it, do what it says, and your HOTAS should work by the end of it. You don't need T.A.R.G.E.T. unless you want to do scripts for inputs. Most games will recognize the stick's inputs without it through.
  3. RoS is bad. Don't see it.

    I have never seen half an audience walk out on a film in my life.

    Save your money, stay home. You will be better off.

  4. Glad to see you're alright. Hope things are working out for you. I'd like to see you again to see you at CitizenCon next year.
  5. Another person who I would say is equally a visionary is Marshall Mcluhan. He too predicted the internet, personal computers, and the modern media landscape. He also predicted reality television and the techniques it would employ to a T.
  6. I bought a Prospector just for the shiggles of having a ship that can do every job during alpha. I think I might just melt it for this.
  7. I suspect jump points work both ways. Otherwise exploration would mean certain death. There'll probably be individual tunnels per ship to avoid collisions while the next system streams in. As for what happens with a premature jump point exit, I suspect it will drop you somewhere inside the gravity well of the system, but maybe so far out that the OCS has time to stream the rest of the system in without a noticeable impact.
  8. Planets: Yes, most of that is possible. There is enough moving between planets to keep you occupied for a while. New star systems are not far off. Persistence: Not yet. CIG is aiming to reduce the number of times progress is wiped between patches, but for now persistence is in its infancy. There will likely be a major announcement for what is going to be the final wipe, whether that be at the end of the alpha or beta. Still though, I'd recommend he get a starter ship like a Mustang and the two of you can see if he likes it or not. There is enough variety to the game right now that someone can tell whether they'd like it or not. There is only more content and systems to be added, so if he doesn't like it now, he probably won't like it later. Better to figure that out before a starter pack becomes more expensive closer to release.
  9. The only org tactic we could begin working on as is would be escorting. But even that isn't entirely viable now since there isn't a payment system yet.
  10. Considering it's made as a snub fighter for an exploration vessel, it HAS to fulfill a number of roles. It'd be the one of the only ways to bring supplies aboard on a long journey. Not to mention it would be integral as a location scout to bring surveyors down to scope out a landing area. I'd really like to see if it's possible to swap out an Idris' Argo for one of these. It's far too versatile a ship to not want one.
  11. J. Coren

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Hook me up with your dealer. Cuz what you're on, I want it.
  12. Modern Warfare is good, folks.

    If you've decried CoD for being stale in the past, this is perhaps the biggest evolution of the series since 3->4.

    1. Judah Warrior

      Judah Warrior

      ya it's fun i've been playing it alot lately

  13. This absolutely SCREAMS Origin Jumpworks. There is still a gap in the market for a luxury rover. Although considering we have enough ground vehicles as is, that particular niche won't be filled for a while.
  14. Just a reminder: The operative word UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object. This does not mean extraterrestrial life has come to this planet. To say so it a little too presumptuous. Remember that in the mid 60s people in the western deserts talked about seeing long, black objects in the sky travelling faster than any plane known in existence. It wouldn't be until Barry Goldwater announced to the world that the SR-71 Blackbird was a government project. It happened again in the early 80s with pilots and ground observers said they saw UFOs shaped like "arrowheads" and "boomerangs" flying around. It wouldn't be for another 6-7 years that Have Blue - aka F-117 Nighthawk - and the B-2 Spirit were declassified to the public and the suspicions of UFOs put to rest. Similar stories go back as far as the 30s and 40s, with people seeing strange floating machines without forward propellers that still managed to fly, only for those people having seen prototype helicopters. History has shown the United States government would rather play coy and let the public think aliens are visiting us than have their highly classified experimental toy become public knowledge before they're ready to reveal it. Before jumping to conclusions based in hype and vanity, it's perhaps keen to remember that much of this has happened before and will happen again. I'm prepared to be disappointed, but I'd like to be proven wrong though.
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