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  1. Welcome new comer! If you need any help don't be afraid to ask!
  2. Hey guys, not the best at these so I'll just get straight to the point; Hi I'm Particle but you can just call me Ty if you want. I've been a huge fan of Sci-Fi and especially Space Opera's since I was a little kid. I started off playing space like games with older classic star wars games like battlefront and what not. I would always imagine myself within those games living out my life and what not. The shows also pulled me in like Stargate, Star Trek, and my personal favorite; Battlestar Galactica. Eveonline was my itch for about a few years but it just didn't fill that hole within me, that is until star citizen came around. Anyway I pledged recently (would have done earlier but was broke) and I thought "Hey despite eve's faults I LOVED the organization put into player made factions" and came across SCB. I have to say even including all of the clans I've been in/currently am in across a multitude of games SCB has got to be the MOST organized I've seen around, especially for what it's made for. I absolutely can't wait to be apart of this community and to play alongside you all. I'm a bit Military/Space Opera fan specifically so I'll be coming your way Combat Ops
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