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  1. I got myself into some star citizen trouble again! 😅 i got one too 😱 but this also my last money injection. I have been giving out to much to pc things. Time to upgrase the car.
  2. Hi all, I would like to sell my: Pioneer - LTI - Original Concept - War Bound for: $850 (It just includes the taxes I paid here in Europe). I’m an Imperium member myself as you can see from my profile. I also have a verified Paypal account. I won’t go below 850 dollars though as this price is for me without benefit. Thank you folks, Kind regards, Yekko
  3. No regrets for CCUing my Freelancer DUR for this one. She is a total marvel! Aah can't wait for them to release this. I do hope they will increase the size because the old inside layout is a bit disappointing. Very curious to see what it will end up like. She is a beauty. And this corridor picture just made her more than just a beauty... Banu masterpiece of cultural art.
  4. That is one impressive ship! This keeps me hyped every single time! imagine flying in that bay with some hoplites, dropping our boys and loot all the rare items they have on board. Then release some cargo they have, pick it up and make some nice profit out of it! CIG, are really doing amazing work on those ships!
  5. Hmm aight thanks for clarifying. Basically for me they already "ditched" the cry engine the moment they heavily modified it to their starengine. But very happy to hear they are both close techs and super easy to transfer the things! Gg cig
  6. So all the time spend in the cry engine modification is lost? Or is tha Lumber engine actually also a modified cry-engine? Because for me it looks like they spend time to build the starengine and then ditch it? That would be a massive resource and time loss. unless the Lumber engine is based on the starengine
  7. So if I understood correctly. They keep the heavily modified cryengine but they mix it with the Lumber one? I lost my techy side during the past 4 months I've worked like a maniac Got to get back on track here! Haha /PS hi again folks!
  8. Yekko

    Anvil Terrapin

    For now it is a Goodbye 315p and Buccaneer, Hello Terrapin!
  9. Curious for the sales! I really enjoy seeing star citizen getting in shape! Since the core system/engine is approaching its final stage (first launch feature only) stage. It is really great to see locations taking forms! And the procedure generated planets (and hopefully space too) is definitely a majer addition. I can't wait to see what they are going to show off!
  10. Yekko

    Anvil Terrapin

    Mystery mystery in what it will function for! But if it would be a midsize salvage ship. I think i might actually get it. To completement the Reclaimer. So i'm curious to see what it would be! it kinda looks like a turtle. I like the thrusters too. Curious curious!
  11. Woot! I was at work and I received this email: Uurg I have so much work to do!! I hope I can sneakly download it and play at least for a little bit!
  12. Yekko

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    This is some serious progress on the Capital ship. Damn I can't wait to have our Imperium fleet roam around and board some near blown appart pirate Idris ship with this atmosphere and take it over for Imperium.
  13. This is an amazing week of news and looking forward to the next things. I'm happy that the core is getting finalised and we're seeing more and more small detail improvements. This game hit my hype-neuron again
  14. Don't touch? Ha! Can't ... resist... to strong... must ... touch! It is actually hard not to touch things anymore.
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