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    Hi, On the account is 2xAPOCALYPSE ARMS MASS DRIVERS - STRIFE MASS DRIVER2xGIMBAL MOUNTS - FLASHFIRE VARIPUCK S2 GIMBAL MOUNT1xN-SERIES NEUTRON CANNON - NN-13 NEUTRON GUN1xN4 TURRET - N4-160F TURRET1xFLASHFIRE WEAPON MOUNTS - HORNET FLASHFIRE SPECIALTY MOUNT1xBEHRING BALLISTIC CANNONS - C-788 "COMBINE" BALLISTIC CANNON1xSPARK PROXIMITY DF MISSILE - SPARK I (X10)1xCHRISTMAS REWARD!1xBADGER AND BADGESAnd the pack which has...F7C-S Hornet GhostShipAnvil Aerospace (ANVL)Aeroview HangarHangar levelALSO CONTAINSStarting Money: 5,000 UEC6 Month InsuranceDigital Game SoundtrackDigital Star MapDigital Star Citizen ManualDigital Squadron 42 ManualSquadron 42 Digital DownloadStar Citizen Digital DownloadPack has a 140 USD melt and then there is $15 on the account so $155 Total value is over $200 with weapons and turrets but those cant be melted. I will take $120 for it. You must be verified on paypal and go first if you are low rep. If high rep i will go first. Remember you will get the whole account and be able to change the email. Also one more thing, There is a free name change on the account already. http://imgur.com/a/DyCiG Fees will be covered in the $120
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