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  1. I need a Imperium Logo, or banner I can use to print some stufff on. Please message me so we can talk.
  2. as one of the top pilots in the game from 2.6.2 BR, combat is bad. Don't stress over it right now. just enjoy everything else the game offers. I am middle of The Expanse s3.. I can't get enough of it.. sooo good
  3. XLB

    CIG - 3.2 IFCS By John Pritchett

    I know a lot of the competitive community, and myself included have been in talks with JP trying to get things back on track for flight and combat. There is a lot of great info in that video and some of his answers.
  4. XLB

    Core problem with 6dof, what do you think?

    old school circle strafing alone is boring. when you angular fight, and you are fighting someone that is also trying to angular fight.. it gets intense. you are going to be fighting black outs mechanics on top of trying to gain an edge where you are the one on top.. it is harder to explain than to show. Gerald, to the Decoulped mode.. if M/KB or sticks or anthying. unkeybind throttle all together and just use strafe forward/back instead of throttle. with m/kb controls its all digital input so its 0-100, only way to get any analog.. you have to Tap your keys a lot to remotely get an analog feel. I know some poeople who actually do this though and they do it well. If you are not facing your target at all times, you are losing. Unless there are multiple targets at a time and they know how to aim.. you have already lost. If you have the aim, and the movement.. you might just outplay them. here is 1v3 with Juntau, zeus omega and da dasdeimos
  5. XLB

    Core problem with 6dof, what do you think?

    dual joystick, you can see my overlay on my command on the twitch highlight. I would say most top 50 pilots also use dual stick, there are some amazing KB/M users for sure that are in the top numbers as well, but it took them even longer to master KB/M. You never really see high level players use hotas ever. It just does not have the analog control needed for what is required for top level. They only person I have seen something truely unique is my buddy Lamarro from 11th hour. He took a hotas and a xbox 1 controller, cut the controller in half, and model pasted it to the back of the hotas, and wired it all up to work. https://clips.twitch.tv/ImpartialTacitBatSSSsss
  6. XLB

    Core problem with 6dof, what do you think?

    Imma be a dick to everyone else that has replied to this thread. Until I see them actually fly. OP, please DM me directly if you need help with flight and combat. I ranked 11th in BR 2.6.2 season on leader boards and have several videos showing what I do. Link provided. Space-moose who is also rank 8 in 2.6.2 is my wingman and will back me up anything I say. Now everyone in this form that thinks they know probably does not. There is a lot of bad information out there that I am trying to kill off. I am not here to boost my ego, I am here to help teach people, and put it into practice not theory or what they think they know. I have won fights against the very best pilots in the game, and space-moose and I did a 2v2 tournament over a year ago with the best pilots in the game and placed 3rd out of 19 teams. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/160768048 Sorry to anyone else I might have offended, but OP or anyone else. lets talk privately and meet up for some actual flight training.
  7. XLB

    Imperium: AC Leader Boards

    I should push myself harder so you don't steal all that glory. Baddie
  8. XLB

    Org Wars? The verse against TEST

    @Chimaera Just tell me who to kill. You should know by now.. individually and my brethren who train hard just need to be pointed in the right direction. @Space-Moose
  9. First video trying to improve my quality. Here is the link to the original. If the video lags or stutters for you try putting it on 1080p, if still issues occur I have re-uploaded it at Try both and see which one works for you. Please enjoy
  10. XLB

    Build help TM T.Flight Hotas X

    Depends how you set it up and how you are maneuvering, we would have to get into more details. As far as red/black outs. Its total BS right now. Strafe up/down barely even fight it, you have to be precise on 180 rolls.
  11. XLB

    Build help TM T.Flight Hotas X

    2.6.3 was mastering G-safe off, manage gforces, Maneuvering well, and aiming for the cockpit. You do those things, you were bound to compete for top. Right now is not the time for combat. 3.0 is absolutely trash. ESP and IFCS is being worked on, wait for that to be done. Hopefully it changes it for the better
  12. XLB

    Build help TM T.Flight Hotas X

    I don't know if my word will help anyone decide, but t16000 is the best stick for its price. I will always recommend a dual stick setup if you get sticks at all. Here is what I do in AC https://www.twitch.tv/videos/160768048
  13. XLB

    November Imperium Insider

    was this a news letter going out to everyone?
  14. I think Fizzlefuzz hits it on the head for how i understand how death mechanics will work. You wont lose everything asset wise, it just goes to the next benefactor (next character) and you wake up in bed soo many times before then. Until we see how this mechanic is designed its just speculation and we can only go off what they plan to do.
  15. XLB

    Thrustmaster TARGET question.

    I don't know anything about other programs needed to run periphrals, but I use warthog and t16000. Space-moose uses the same, but also pedals. If you are still having issues shoot him or I a question. I don't think either of us use programs in order for them to work in StarCitizen.