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  1. 40k tau Wrathpole's 40k Tau Army

    Nice. Been a bit since I played. Obligatory.
  2. Build help window on a mac

    This game isn't going to be on consoles like Donut mentioned; but I'd be curious to test this on a Mac. Running bootcamp is the closest you can get to a native install of Windows while on a Mac. It may be possible if you'd be running on an iMac Pro with an RX series GPU but short of that I do not know. I think Apple sells external GPU enclosures (or using a Razer one might work) but the best possible (and probably cheapest) solution would be to build a dedicated gaming PC. Interesting concept and it would be something neat to tinker with.
  3. Free Aegis Saber with purchase of $389 280GB SSD

    The specs on that SSD...wow. The price is also...wow. Too rich for my blood; but it will be interesting to see real world benchmarks to see if there's a large difference between it and say a Samsung drive (other than price/GB).
  4. Build help Help me with my build

    I run a Noctua NH-D15 air cooler and stay under 80C with a 1GHz base overclock (3.2GHz to 4.2GHz). I honestly dislike AIOs (personal bias here; not that they're bad) and chose air. The beQuiet! cooler you have is very good and will allow for some overclocking headroom; for max OC go with liquid or a bigger air cooler. Keep in mind that beefy air cooler heavily restrict RAM height. If you're going to max out all of the DIMM slots your board has then I'd double check height clearance or just go liquid. It's a little bit of a price premium but removes possible headaches down the road.
  5. Build help Help me with my build

    I really like the MSI Gaming series coolers on cards. I'm using one on my 980 and love it. Looks like a solid build and I'd check into some of the suggestions here like what LtAttack and Donut said. Either way; it's a good build and you can't go wrong with a 1080ti ^^
  6. The Best Gaming Monitor?

    I bought a XG270HU and do not regret my decision...especially after seeing some of these price tags...
  7. Hello

    Welcome to the club. If you need anything send me (or another member of HR) a message and we'd be happy to help ^^
  8. Distribution of loginData.json

    Items are cached clientside Actual items are stored server side To get new items you must auth and sync those DBs A fresh install has no items
  9. Distribution of loginData.json

    You need to auth to sync with the DB containing your information. New ships/etc won't show up unless you do.
  10. Distribution of loginData.json

    You do need to authenticate to the launcher, but after that you're free to load assets via executable arguement. Technically speaking it's the same as typing "map de_dust2" in counterstike: just a localhost server. It's not an exploit to load assets; otherwise GrayHeadedGamer would be banned for putting ships on his island. https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/6rv0av/play_star_citizen_263_pu_offline_without_moving/ I should also say that I do not recommend giving out any files to anyone. In other games you can hijack accounts by using session tokens stored in log files.
  11. Build help Gathering Information for a New Rig

    With the parts that are being suggested; I don't know if there is budget for a 2nd GPU. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/rhwRm8 ($3800) AMD Threadripper 1950X ASUS Primer X399 Corsair H00iv2 (placeholder) 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz G.Skill RAM 2x10TB WD Red HDD 500GB Samsung 960 EVO (less than you wanted; placeholder) EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Phanteks P400S Tempered Glass (pick a case you like; this is one I like) 850W EVGA Supernova G2 PSU Windows 10 Pro (pro not home because you have the PC to use VMs/etc) There are ways to trim this back quite a bit; such as (if you're going threadripper) buying a 1920X instead, going to a lower amount of bulk storage (do you really need 10TB?), and going with a SATA SSD for games and then a smaller NVME drive for Star Citizen and your OS. It really and I mean really depends on what you're doing here and if it matters to you. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/d2DGZ8 ($3350) for the same parts everywhere other than moving to 8TB storage with a 1920X insdead. I think some people need to reign in what they're saying; because it doesn't seem like some people have put thought into the whole build price and instead are only focusing on the "best of the best" processors on the market. Especially considering the gaming focus of the build.
  12. Build help Gathering Information for a New Rig

    I'm not saying that it's not an impressive chip. I'm saying to be smart with your money and wait for real benchmarks and real-world performance. Make sure it matters to the person buying it; not numbers for a renderfarm. Raw numbers for price per dollar put Ryzen and Threadripper/Epyc ahead of Intel; but they still hold the single core lead. That benchmark shows a 10 core versus a 16 core chip. That can't be ignored for those numbers (although it is a $/$ comparison). The last thing I want to happen is have RocketMan buy a god tier computer and not use it; or buy a junk one and want more performance. Lets get some gaming benchmarks on the table (because that is what he said was his key focus). Wait for benchmarks (which should be here any day) then make a decision and let's talk then.
  13. Build help Gathering Information for a New Rig

    I will believe (and buy into) that when I see it. There have been claims for years and years that more cores will be used and tasks will be queued on them rather than cores 0-3. I really want that to be true as apart from workstation tasks and heavy multitasking there's no benefit to having more than those 4 cores (direct consumer and prosumer). Also the Xeon line has many different types of chips that fall under the consumer, prosumer, and enterprise umbrellas designed for different tasks. Threadripper can be directly compared to Xeon/Epyc as they're product names that fit a broad range of applications. e: I should add in that I do NOT recommend buying a quad core CPU. Get something that will last, either a Ryzen 7 1700 (or better) or wait for Intel Coffee-Lake.
  14. Build help Gathering Information for a New Rig

    Threadripper is designed to target the Xeon marketshare of Intel. They have targeted a high core count market such as servers and workstations with the allure of a significant price decrease compared to the competition. Intel has higher single core performance while AMD has the higher core count. The typical performance difference is about 10% with single core applications (in favor of Intel). I do think it is important to remember that buying a Threadripper compared to even an R7 1800X (basically a higher-binned R7 1700) will be minimal performance gains on single core reliant applications (games). So dropping $1k on a chip that will do for you the same as a $350 chip isn't ideal; especially when you factor in the cost of motherboards. I would recommend a Threadripper only if owning it will benefit your workflow. People will quote and say that "X" chip is YY% faster than "Z" chip; but remember what matters to you and your applications. Benchmarks of Handbrake or Cinebench does not represent real world gaming performance. As for storage, if it's only for cold storage (eg: photos/movies/etc) that will be accessed now and again; go RAID1 with 2x10TB disks. RAID is not a backup; it instead tries to improve data integrity. The benefit to adding more drives is to allow for further array degradation and higher I/O. Windows Storage Spaces or a Mirrior in Disk Management would work well for this application and reduce cost in regards to bulk storage. There are multiple solutions but what I said would be easiest for you.
  15. Minnesota BarCitizen

    I'm going. Got a hotel room too.