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  1. Are you also using an SSD? Just as a note, my PC gives similar performance in congested areas (POI, etc.).
  2. For ease of use, here is a PCPartpicker URL with the already purchased components: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/nW4gGG
  3. I've locked this thread. Please refrain from using personal attacks and other actions which break the Star Citizen Base Code of Conduct and/or Forum Rules.
  4. I agree. Talk to the Microcenter guys about their ship dates and be prepared to get there early for your card. Cryptocurrency miners are sucking up any GPU they can get. $1200 is overpriced by about 40% compared to their previous price. You will be paying a premium for it, though.
  5. They make it to where you choose to "load" the profile(s) and then they're saved. It can be compared to overclocking; you set it manually once and then it will run at those speeds. In the case of AMD; CAS matters and if it default loaded Profile 1 of 3200Mhz CL16 by default you would bootloop (until the RAM freq got reset) as at that CL you (at least used to) could only reach 2933Mhz off of the default profile.
  6. I think that the OG Sandy/Bloomfield chips are starting to show their age and are finally reaching true EOL. I was running a 3930k and saw improvements going to CoffeeLake and DDR4. I'd say that now would be an ideal time to stick in a few hundred, especially with AMD Ryzen being so affordable. The quantity of RAM was not an issue for me. I had 32GB DDR3 1600Mhz and was running into performance problems in SC, even on an SSD. I would say if you want the Raven (or plan to sell it), get the Optane drive: otherwise stick with Samsung/Corsair/Adata. Just remember that the price difference could go right into the purchase of a beefier chip.
  7. Yeah the Extreme4 Z370 (and most motherboards) have it located under memory settings or even on the splash screen. It will be "XMP On/Off" and then "Profile 1" or "Profile 2". Select that (profile 1), save & exit, then the machine will restart and you'll be running at advertised speeds.
  8. M.2 is the interface and can mean that the drive will run in SATA mode or PCI-E mode. The Intel Optane 900p comes in two models; U.2 and PCI-e x4. You can get an M.2 -> U.2 adapter and then both drives will run (depending on motherboard model), at the same speeds of PCI-e Gen3x4. I would personally look into AMD Ryzen at that price-point. Their 1600/1700 chips would work well for you. B350 motherboards are cheap and can run $60-$90 for a great make/model. 16GB DDR4 2800-3200MHz RAM is ideal for that setup. They should come with stock coolers because your liquid cooler may not work with AM4; but I would contact Corsair about getting an adapter (possibly).
  9. In reality; any of these machines would work just fine. I personally made changes to the cosmetics and specific parts to reduce cost and offer great alternatives (note: I am biased against Gigabyte because of an RMA which was not honored). Some of these changes were mentioned above by others. I am using an 8700k w/ Extreme4 motherboard right now. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/sy72KZ Basically I removed some RGB stuff and added in alternative parts to keep RGB but in a different way. If RGB isn't a big deal then swap out the Kraken for the H100iv2 and the RGB RAM w/ another kit. I agree w/ Basard; Z390 & Zen2 are right around the corner and I would keep that in mind when buying. Rumored 8-core processor from Intel and performance improvements on the AMD side. All of the parts you have will work well together it's just a matter of playing "The Price is Right" and determining what variations of products to purchase and at what time. e: Also don't worry about maxing out the fans in the case. As long as there are a couple intakes, an exhaust, and positive pressure within the case; you're fine. e2: The motherboard is also RGB; despite what the image shows (blue only).
  10. I think that buying the R7 1700 or greater would be the better choice for most people. It regularly goes on sale and along with a B350 board would come in a cool couple hundred under the 8700k setup. I personally purchased the 8700k over a Ryzen setup only because of the 900p and higher single core performance which I desired. That is not a recommendation but only my personal requirement as my 3930k had similar performance to a R5 1600. I do however suggest AMD to most of my clients looking at a solid setup unless they specifically request Intel as it will give them more frames per dollar and allow "splurges" like a beefier GPU, bigger SSD, or better peripherals for the same total.
  11. Nice. Been a bit since I played. Obligatory.
  12. This game isn't going to be on consoles like Donut mentioned; but I'd be curious to test this on a Mac. Running bootcamp is the closest you can get to a native install of Windows while on a Mac. It may be possible if you'd be running on an iMac Pro with an RX series GPU but short of that I do not know. I think Apple sells external GPU enclosures (or using a Razer one might work) but the best possible (and probably cheapest) solution would be to build a dedicated gaming PC. Interesting concept and it would be something neat to tinker with.
  13. The specs on that SSD...wow. The price is also...wow. Too rich for my blood; but it will be interesting to see real world benchmarks to see if there's a large difference between it and say a Samsung drive (other than price/GB).
  14. I run a Noctua NH-D15 air cooler and stay under 80C with a 1GHz base overclock (3.2GHz to 4.2GHz). I honestly dislike AIOs (personal bias here; not that they're bad) and chose air. The beQuiet! cooler you have is very good and will allow for some overclocking headroom; for max OC go with liquid or a bigger air cooler. Keep in mind that beefy air cooler heavily restrict RAM height. If you're going to max out all of the DIMM slots your board has then I'd double check height clearance or just go liquid. It's a little bit of a price premium but removes possible headaches down the road.
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