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  1. Looking good. That motherboard goes well with that case accent lighting.
  2. Any update on this? I think that we've given a bit of information on the topic. I'd say that an R5 1600, 16GB RAM, and a GTX 1070 would be a good starting point. Throw in the trimmings and then go from there. He is gaming on a laptop right now, so this would be a great improvement. See about updating the BIOS on that ASUS board (or choose a different one) and OC that chip a little bit. It would handle the game perfectly. I run a 3930k, which has similar single core performance to a 1600 w/ a GTX 980 (lower performance than a 1070). You'd have a better computer than me and I can play SC perfectly fine.
  3. R5 1600 for $200 is basically the same chip (single core perf) he had listed (slightly better actually) and adds two cores. The ~5%-10% performance difference at 1080p towards the 7600k doesn't seem worth it to me especially with 1440p+ becoming the standard for enthusiasts (god I hate that word). I think this is the right link, but PCPP is down and I can't check. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/jPqsQV e; Site is back up, it's a 1060 but you could add the 1070 in if desired.
  4. I think it's pretty hilarious what Intel has allowed AMD to do. Basically swoop in on those hex-core+ sales and Intel releases something to compete only after AMD has had their processors on the market. I agree with Linus, they didn't put out their best product but rather put out something slightly better or a direct competitor to AMD (this is what all businesses do, but not on the scale of Intel/AMD). They were afraid of giving up their Xeon line exclusivity and instead have created a bubble around their pricing structure when compared to AMD. Competition is good, because this is what it looks like ^^
  5. Complete

    Thanks for the CCU ^^
  6. Title says it all. PM for details.
  7. Yeah, I agree with @EreWen, it's $2. Basically worth the same as a candy bar or bottle of pop.
  8. Hunter 5 stole some of @KKillroyV2's digestives (he's in the Sabre Comet). Hunter 5 is going to die.
  9. Build help

    Yep. Some people dont blink at $5/$10 here or there for eating out/etc. Save your cash for a bit and flip a buck on your GPU. That is where your gaming performance will really kick up.
  10. Build help

    Upgrade that GPU to an RX480 and you'd see very large gaming performance gains. The RX480 is very similar to the HD 7990 in performance and comes in near your budget for either a 4GB or 8GB version on a semi-regular basis (with MIR).
  11. Complete

    Willing to buy an F7A Bodykit upgrade. Willing to spend ~$80 and would like to exchange through PayPal if possible. PM me or post in here if you have one to sell. Thanks.
  12. Build help

    Your board supports 10gbps (1.25GB/s) maximum throughput on the M.2 connector. Buy an Intel 600P M.2 SSD and call it good.
  13. I have a Macbook as well. I also purchased a cheap Windows tablet. Between my desktop for gaming, laptop for schoolwork, and phone for everything else; my tablet falls into the unused category. Get one if you want one; but I personally have near 0 use for one. Save your cash.
  14. The new development schedule is supposed to be going up soon. Hopefully they're closer than we think, but 3.0 is a big jump to make. As for the sales, there is still some $35 SC Aurora/Mustang packages (Warbond edition [fresh cash only]). Other than that, there hasn't been a sale on anything since the Holiday Livestream. e: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/Mustang-Alpha-SC-Starter-Holiday-Warbond-Edition Aurora is sold out