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  1. Lord-Nikon

    Mud Ribs

    this looks sooo delicious!!
  2. @J. Coren That bothers me not as long I can enjoy myself and it rekindles the feelings i had for the original film. I'm still pretty excited.
  3. Ermahgawd! the feels. I remember these things from my younger days. Good times.
  4. Lord-Nikon

    Ongoing Discussion Post Your Rig!

    @Kyo I really like how your lighting goes from red to blue, looks awesome.
  5. Lord-Nikon

    Feedback Wanted New Rig Build

    @rain2reign I really like that build and i already own SSD, HDD, PSU, and Windows 10. So i can save a lot of money there. That would put me with the extra to splurge on the upgrade for the GTX 1080 and LED Vengeance Ram. That would put the cost at around $1700.
  6. Lord-Nikon

    Feedback Wanted New Rig Build

    My budget is pretty much $3500. I'm gonna do some light over clocking but nothing serious. I plan to buy a second Card but i want to buy a couple things first a Chair and a nice headset. The main purpose will be gaming, and i realize the system is a bit overkill but i want to make sure it will last me at least 3yrs with minimal replacements. My main concerns are the 6800k. i dont know if it would be fine just going with the 6700k or even the 6600k and get the same longevity without the price increase. yea, im going with the 16gb. As for the PSU i have a 1000w Gold that i plan on
  7. Lord-Nikon

    Feedback Wanted New Rig Build

    So, I'm building my new rig an was wanting some feedback on it. Here are the components. Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Intel i7-6800K NZXT Kraken X61 (ASUS ROG Strix x99 or Gigabyte x99 Designare EX) I haven't decided yet what I want yet. Corsair Vengence LED DDR4 3200 Acer Predator x34 Monitor be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900
  8. >.> After watching the stream, I really want to play this now. Must save for PC to play this game.
  9. i watched this an could not stop laughing my ass off!
  10. Fo Sho! we all suck, but it's still fun as hell.
  11. WE pretty much got everyone at work playing it, I'm so glad is was free on the Playstation. I never would of picked it up otherwise.
  12. @Schatten Dangit you lured me into watching Ip Man again. I should of spend that 2hrs doing my homework. lol
  13. Woohoo!! I'm looking forward to it. bout time Pluto got some love.
  14. I enjoy exploring (hence the Freelancer) and I am sincerely hoping to convert my Cat into a hodgepodge missile boat/mobile repair.
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