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  1. What's your rsi name? And thank you everyone else, I added all of you who volunteered!
  2. How exactly do I add people?
  3. Thanks for posting this! I haven't got access yet, but this is great for when I do. How buggy is it so far?
  4. Wow, one of my favorite games is freelancer, and so far this seems like more of what I loved from there, butmore. And this is one thing more, I always wanted to own and operate the big capital ships and the big transports, and the other ships you could only get through mods (which often didn't integrate too well into the game.)
  5. Hi, I just joined the Imperium, and I'm looking to beat the Vanduul Swarm mode. I played an online session and I got to wave 12 before dying, however I was far and away the best piolit there, which is not a brag but a sign of the strength of my backup. I'd love to join with some people on here for a Co-op session, would anyone be interested?
  6. I just bought my computer with a 980ti and I love it, and all the research I did indicated that the 980ti often worked better in non-synthetic testing than the Titan. TBH the titan doesn't make much sense to me, because by the time you'll need as much VRAM as is packed in there, we'll have better GPUs, Boards, and maybe even fans.
  7. I'm surprised a bit how much exploration is dominating, my Dad would find that interesting.
  8. I switched from a F7C Hornet to a Cutlass Blue, that was $40 And I blew another $35 on bling for my hanger XD
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