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  1. Hello. I’ll send an invoice soon. I am currently deployed to the Middle East. Thanks for the interest.
  2. Bump. C2 sold, but I have another! Doubt you can find a better price.
  3. c4artist

    Complete F7A Upgrade Kit

    I saw one on reddit for $110.
  4. Are they really using a drag variable in space combat? I thought that was just for flight in the atmosphere.
  5. Figured. That’s why I was trying to trade a token. I think a p72 with LTI is a fair trade. I’ve seen then sell for that much and more.
  6. There are so many little things they could do to give it a bit more value. Bump the gun up one make it stealth maybe a dampener that raises blackout threshold better power power supply for higher shields and even less weapon overheated Or just keep it the same and just give everyone that owns one.. another one. As is, I think it is an 80 dollar ship. Basically a starter ship with a premium for being alien/cool. thanks for the reply I’m hoping whatever fly model they settle on does give at least an agility advantage right now it is just a trash mob ship for sq42
  7. I was looking through my hanger. I have been given some weapons through the, um, years. I just noticed an exchange button on them. Apparently, I can exchange them for UEC. Should I keep them or exchange them for UEC, so I can get a jump on some shipping income? 4 Klaus & Werner Mass Drivers - Sledge II Mass Driver Cannons 8,000 each (32,000 UEC) 2 Omnisky Series Laser Cannons Omnisky VI (size 2) 16,000 each (32,000 UEC) I currently have 12,000 UEC in my account. What would you do?
  8. Hello Friends: Two questions: 1. Do you think the next flight model will make the scout significantly more agile than other ships? It doesn’t have thrusters. It uses its main thrusters for all movement. 2. Do you think CIG will make any minor or major changes to the scout before persistent universe is released?
  9. That’s a great thought. I thought starter packs only included the PU now and you would have to buy sq42 separately. last time I bought a starter pack, it was 30 bucks for an aurora that had the PU and sq42.
  10. All set now. Thanks! I have an LTI P-72. I would like to trade it for any starter pack that includes Squadren 42 and PU. Ship doesn’t matter. I expect it would likely be an Aurora with 3 months ins.
  11. The Khartu-Al does not have thrusters. It’s possible this thing is going to have the agility of a humming bird in the new flight model. If that is the case, the price is going up 25 to 50 dollars. I just sold one through Star-Hanger (third party ship seller). I highly reccomend their service by the way. I’ve bought and sold many ships with them. Every transaction flawless, but I digress. I have 5 scouts left. I am only going to sell, at most, 3 more at this price. I’m going to gamble on the scout being awesome in the new flight model as well as getting a little love from CIG later on.
  12. All prices include "middle man" fees. I sell my ships through star-hangar.com. LTI C2 Hercules (original concept) LTI Carrack Base - SOLD LTI Reclaimer Base - SOLD LTI Retaliator Bomber - SOLD LTI Khartu-Al Base - (new flight model coming!! grab one quick! also, this was CCU'd from a P72) LTI Herald Base - SOLD (had 2, both gone) LTI Hull B Base - SOLD LTI P72 Archimedes - (only 1 left!) Freelancer Max Game Package w/ 6 months insurance - (This is the old school package with both games! Squadron 42 and the PU! There are rumors the Freelancer Max is going up in price $10 at CIG and now Squadron 42 is sold separately for $45.. this is a steal. Flair: Trophy Collection - Citizencon 2946 I am happy to answer any questions you have. I’ve sold ships here before. No issues.
  13. c4artist

    Want to Sell Ship Upgrades & Add-Ons

    Please see pic. Prices include all fees. Happy to answer any questions or provide screen shot of item.
  14. c4artist

    Want to Sell Ships! Most LTI.

    thank you. love the site by the way. I appreciate you.
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