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  1. I have 4 of each of the listed ships. PM me to buy. Buyer pays first. All ships include LTI and are upgraded from a P-72. Prices are as follows: Ship My Price Melt Value Discount Banu Merchantman $239.75 $250 $10.25 Hull-E $519.75 $550 $20.25 Vanguard Warden $239.75 $250 $10.25
  2. Please PM me to Sell. I would like to buy these credits in order to grab an Aquila to Hull E for my upgrade tokens. Current Offer for RSI: $110 USD Current offer for Upgrade: $200 Thanks for considering.
  3. I have an LTI reliant from the original sale to sell so that I can purchase some more P-72 Merlins. Current Price is $59. PM me to buy
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