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  1. Hi guys, it has come time for me to unload my ships. New job, no time, need a new laptop. Notes: Some ships are CCU-d, some come with additional items. Prices include Paypal fee. Available Ships Buccaneer - LTI ($110) Constellation Andromeda - LTI ($225) Super Hornet - LTI ($165) Sabre - LTI ($170) 350R - LTI ($125) Freelancer MIS - LTI ($165) Merchantman - LTI ($250) Harbinger - LTI ($280) SENTINEL BATTLEFIELD UPGRADE KIT - ANNIVERSARY - 3 yr ($25) PM me if interested, I will update the above as sold I am Paypal verified, please be so as well I have done transactions through the site previously Invoice will be sent via Paypal for Payment Buyer's go first No Refunds once transaction is complete
  2. I've got an EvE account collecting dust right now if anyone is interested. Willing to trade for SC Ships or Cash. I can give account or xfer character (buyer pays fee for this). Activated it for the next month. Some general info: Most skillpoints in Gunnery, Drones, Engineering, MissilesFlys: Frigates, Cruisers, HAC's, BC's, BS'sHas about 1 bill isk on himHas a few ships as well, I believe a few frigs, BC's and a Tempest$150 obo Can link specifics if interested via PM.
  3. Please Delete, this started in the completed section
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