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    Star Citizen, Trading, Industry. Anything big (please don't misinterpret this), anything technical, big operations and big fleets. Arma, Civ 5, My girlfriend. Finding my wallet during a sale!

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  1. What have you done?! I won't stop reading this, and its in my Star Citizen bookmark folder True, but you can expect to see the Starfarer next, then the Freelancer. Waiting for the redesigns is going to be great. I loved the look and concept art of the Freelancer, but when I actually bought one, and looked inside, admittedly I was dissapointed at its cramped feel. But no longer!
  2. Sure beats the RSI forums over here! Hello to all of you
  3. All things MISC are to be loved. The sleek, elegant designs are incorporated in every model making them some of the most iconic ships in the 'verse! The Hull Series especially is a favourite of mine. Their design include both elegance and functionality, a rarity to come together with such flawlessness, but they are truly a remarkable feat. Hull E's will dwarf everything else in the 'verse with the exception of capital ships. Starfarers, even with Aegis intervention stand true to their reputation with undisputable value as fuel tankers as well their modularity proving essential to their role. Their bulky build shows off their strength, and even with the uneven shapes, curves and silhouette, you still know from first glance it is a creation of Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern! Whats your favourite ship? Give your reasons for loving MISC, everybody has one, I know it!
  4. GearBoxx


    Really looking forward to this beauty. Im definitely a MISC fan
  5. Hello! My name is Gearboxx or Jack. Pretty damn excited about this game, and I am looking to get stuck in balls deep into Trading and Industry, thats my dream area to work in. Ill be looking to operate my Hull C and Starfarer for Trade, Inter-organisational transportation and supply, and fleet support in the form of fuel, weapons, supplies etc. I'll also be looking to man Orion's and possibly Reclaimer's, as I won't be wanting to purchase these ships myself. I imagine people will be needing crew and I will gladly step up the plate. I'll be excited to just stand there and watch you guys, but I'd rather help out with operations, ideally!
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