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  1. I think this is actually very practical if this is your racing team. You can pack all you need for the team in one ship. As for the Cat as a Capital ship, well.. its no carrier outside a pocket carrier and other that that your right about it being a flagship and a flag ship is a cap ship in some lights. I think the Kraken will be the pirate Cap ship we are all talking about and I plan to buy one if they make it. 1 kraken, 1 caterpillar, 1 C2 Starlifter, 1 herald, 1 Cutlass red, 2Cutlass blacks, 1 Apollo Triage, 6 Dragonflies, 2 Cyclones, 2 cyclone TRs, 2 Cyclone AAs, 1 Cyclone RN, 2 Ursa rovers, and the men to run them and you got one nice mobile ground force. Security should be easy being that you can trans your stuff from place to place with ease and run multiple jobs at once no problem.
  2. We’re doing what we can to ensure that cargo space is also logistically sensible. Cargo squeezed into every nook and cranny of the ship might seem like a win for the player on a numerical side, but the act of loading and unloading will become a pain or even impossible with high ceilings and small doorways. The advantage of the Caterpillar with it’s huge doors will not always be structurally sound for other cargo ships. There may be instances where some ships have potentially ‘useable’ space left over. -source-https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16204-The-Shipyard-SCU-And-Cargo-Capacity
  3. I went back and did the specs on the caterpillar to see just how many of these cyclone and other land vehicles you can fit... references https://cdn.star-citizen.wiki/images/5/55/Drake_Interplanetary_Caterpillar_Broschüre.pdf , https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16026-Q-A-Tumbril-Cyclone , and other tech data and q&a from robertsspaceindustries.com. The Caterpillar in all her glory can carry 4 cyclone side facing in each cargo module and two front facing. in the front it can carry 4 front facing and 6 side facing( judging by CR and the way they do things the 2 and three method might be the case! on to the greycat the Cat can carry too many of these to count honestly and if it had slightly more underbelly clearance you could stuff two of these on the lift! The Ursa can fit one in each cargo and by specs two in the front module. and yes with the side lifts the way they are now if you drive onto the with the ursa front facing you can fit it on the lifts just not the left side as the turret would hit the catwalk. If there was not a catwalk at all you could fit two of these as well!. just wanted to show you guys the digging around I did and what can fit. for those that are like me you could run a ground force out of your Cat and use it as the HQ when landed. Caterpillar- HQ - unit carrier- front module 3 dragonflies, first cargo ursa, second cargo 2 cyclones, third module greycat and supplies, fourth module swap for med module! Cutlass red - medical Cutlass black - troop trans Cutlass Blue - escort Buccaneer x2 - escort just an idea! then you could run security, bounty hunting, and sweeps on the planet surfaces with a small org the smaller version of this would be cat- ursa - cyclone, cyclone tr, 3 dragonflies, and herald. Use the cat as your baby carrier and the herald to run sweeps and security as an early alert system. It would be nice if the cyclone had like a prison pod set up or life pod setup so you could use for rescue or prisoner transfer! well thanks for reading my ideas plz share thoughts!
  4. Either way I would love to see some modules for buying before or during 3.0 release to be used by the cat
  5. Just glad to see so much love for the cat in this thread! the cat owners will rule the verse' as we take on the jack of all jobs to experience the game to it's entirety. I just want to see what modules they come out with and hopefully soon as all other module ships have the modules already and the cat still has none!
  6. No it's a ship that's modular and known as a pirate Capital ship! that legitimate purpose is cargo
  7. I hope you can really attach ships like that to it's hull for transportation that would make it more devastating and at the same time not as protected as having a true internal hangar for ships of that size while also carrying dragonflies on the inside
  8. Another thing that ppl seem to forget hear is that this ship is not complete or none of them worked out in terms of final gameplay. So to say this can destroy this and this can do this is stupid at this point. 2) You can not say this will destroy this and this can do this anyway because every ship and crew will be different and the combination of components and crew skill will be uncontrollable factors all in their own. If your flying a base gladiator and i'm flying a war Cat with all the bells and whistles for fighting and a crew to back in what way can you win unless you are the best pilot ever? Or what if you did not factor in the 3 Dragonflies in the front with Suckerpunch guns or any other Size 1 array of weaponry? Every fight is unique and every fight will have an outcome that comes down to skill and tactics. That's what CR envisioned for this game and that's what it will be. I honestly believe if you fought a Cargo Cat with the right crew and the Components to back even then it would be difficult to take with a gladiator not even factoring in the size 4 gun that will have many options in the future to devastate the gladiator. People Should stop looking at 1v1 Fights for multi-crew ships verses fighter/ bombers when multi crew ships are meant to fight each other with aid from the fighters and bombers.
  9. pointless though because we will all be able to decorate and color ships soon anyway so why trade the one I have for the same one I got just in 1 new color?!
  10. but does the pirate version have different module or same ship with new skin!
  11. Lol the Carracks Gonna be missing the whole rover bay and rover lol the redeemer will be missing cargo section...
  12. um and the ship does not have air conditioning guy lol it has ship soxygen system obove the hallways and over the cat walk for ever section along with every other ship op system minus the ones located in the actual engine room! I agree with these guys it looks like the rushed to get it out because it's been waiting forever but as we reach 3.0 it'll get finished since that's when it's actually should be out! Hope this is true though and I hope the give us back that room as a medical room or the actual area for the beds or something like that instead of sleeping in the kitchen!
  13. yeah there is like every other ship but that still does not explain why the rooms are missing! and pipes actually run between the walls and hull of the ship along with wiring!
  14. ok now look at the spot that says jump drive and look just south of it and that's an empty spot then look at the staircase and look north of it and that's a whole empty room missing from ship they literally walled around the spot! ^
  15. I agree with you there that It does not have to be a cap ship to be a command and control ship but a command and control ship is a must in a cap ship is what I am saying! Yes you can say your cat will not be a cap and yes some can say my cat is a cap bu to say it is a def one or the other is the wrong way of thinking is the sc world. S.C. simulates reality and in reality ppl makeshift things all the time especially things that suit the situation like the fact that if we go to war with Iran the U.S. Navy is planning to use it's smallest operating ships as both the Attack vessels and Cap vessels. But Normally the Largest ships are the Cap Ships but Like you said and myself the sit determines the role. If I was rolling with a Caterpillar and we Added an Idris to the fleet we no longer need the cat as a cap but that doesn't mean it wont still be used as a command ship or if we then added a Bengal and Polaris now we have 3 tech cap ship but only one is the Cap ship here the rest are support ships and rather they are destroyed is not as important as if the Bengal goes down! if you get what I mean... No argument just want ppl to see things from different perspective and I want people to know that S.C. in intended to be gamed your way. Regardless of Technical classification and such if you noticed there is a missing room on the top and bottome floor on the back of the Cat. there isno jump drive where it is to be but a wall and there is nothing denoted next to jump drive. Also under the stairs and that room between the Habitat and the engine room is completely walled off but should be a room to use!
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