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  1. Yeah it does. Still can't wait to see what they do to make it stand out from the human ships. Hoping for some great lateral movement ability or a lateral dashes.
  2. Build help

    I'm also sitting tight, hoping when Pascal finally drops I will pick up a 2nd 980. Unless it truly is the second coming of Christ like the fanboys say it will be.
  3. Relax, let us fly, sounds the best. Relax, let us fly sounds calming and in control. I don't think puns are professional and Traverse the Verse sounds kinda generic . IMO the problem with Go head, fly red is I don't know your brand like I do JetBlue or DHL. Fly red makes me think of redlining the engines, which doesn't make me feel safe.
  4. Still in the top 1%, but that dam top .1% with their quad Titan X in SLI. On another note, I wonder if this will promote sniper/hit-n-run tactics.
  5. I've gotten at couple of people to sign up because I wouldn't shut up about it. I'm miffed that I won't have gold ships models.
  6. That's why you have the "Game experience may change during online play" splash screen. LoL would have a A rating instead of a T rating. If they do choose to get a rating I just hope like what others have said that it doesn't box in/out future content.
  7. Really shows that CIG is taking practical design and usable space seriously. I can't wait 5 years from now and what ships will be like. Once the PTU goes live it will be really interesting how all the metrics and meta game influence ship design.
  8. I would keep the Andromeda for the time being. We still are a long way off from exploring the Verse. Well AC you will be able to fly around in your Connie pretty soon. Might as well take the one with bigger guns.
  9. I'm jealous of that Hull-E. That ship is going to be impressive to see glide through space. Will fly escort you any day.
  10. I would be surprised if it went for a ESRB rating. Unless CIG is going for a retail release they don't really need it. Also most people don't care about an ESRB rating. EVE got a T rating, but it doesn't have a FPS element.
  11. Yeah, I pm my SCB account, what else needs to be completed? Pretty cool that Imperium has a process, very professional.
  12. Hello SCB, been a supporter of SC since the KickStarter. Got burned out took a year off and the game is starting to look really kick-ass. Hoping to find a community fellow space nuts and have a good time. Sent my request to join Imperium and waiting on a response. Look forward to see you all in the Verse.