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  1. Very professional, it's great to have members like this to help us out. Hooked me up with a great ship, a great addition to Imperium! 

  2. Greetings from Wiesbaden, welcome to the fleet!

    FNG Intro

    seriously, i love you guys
  4. Also have a handful of buddies stationed out there! Welcome to the fleet!

    MISC Endeavor

    I'm concerned that the production of the ship and game will outpace the relevance of the professions it's resigned for. After seeing in the CitizenCon footage that the repair functions have been automated to speed up the design, it makes me believe that a floating hospital might not be so useful until they figure out respawn, permadeath, health, everything. Basically, it's really complicated and the Endeavor will be able to fly long before players can use you med bays. Same is true for exploration, overclocking, agriculture, and research. All of these intricate professions don't seem anywhere close to playable when persistent. Bottom line, how much will my ship be able to contribute when it's flyable? (before those professions are figured out) Or Which type of Imperium Unit could i help the most? This all stems from me not being able to chose a unit to apply to/ join. (I'll always contribute to the intel div, on and off line, but I'd also like to join an action unit. Ops drive intel, always out front!)
  6. Right with you, we are all waiting in the wings (literally) to dominate the verse.
  7. Yeah, agreed, knock out the check list, and welcome to the fleet!
  8. apparently the Navy calls subs 'boats' and boats 'ships' and subs 'sandwiches'
  9. Just got done working a project with some Navy personnel! I got yelled at for calling ships 'boats', maybe you can clarify this for me... Anyways, welcome!
  10. RELENTLE55

    FNG Intro

    I can respect the Pats, but gotta with BUFFALO! All the same, welcome, can't wait to be on the same team for once!!! 11B?! I'm currently in, 35N. I'm no infantryman, but I've done my time outside the wire w/ 504th, 82d ABN! Thanks for you service, battle.All the way!
  11. RELENTLE55

    MISC Endeavor

    Endeavor owner, reading over the Jump Point, looks like everything will get touched up,
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