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  1. Maybe its the fighter that the UEE had ages ago!
  2. Maybe it is the old one that is being replaced by the F8?
  3. Really? Another one for over $150?
  4. That woulds make sense for their pricing and for the fact that they already basically had tiers for every profession. I would love for this to be a dated fighter like the avenger. Make it lumbering and tanky with a medium amount of firepower (2 size 2, 2 size3?). This would be the "tank" of dogfights and a really necessary addition. The only problem right now is that most people find that sabres and hornets are tanky, so they will have to be nerved (get ready for the shitstorm).
  5. For the retaliator, I like the fact that it can't just land in the middle of the desert. It is not designed fro exploration and would not have those requirements (kings of like how f/a 18s can't land on a dirt runway). On the other hand, I am fine with hand wavy magic for the GPR, even if it has to be far from the ground (as it will need to be with all the rocks (or maybe the want to force us to find a super flat spot!).
  6. I still don't understand how the t-21 cannot be switched off. I understand that it comes with it, but did CIG not promise everyone that we would be able to swamp components? So why can we change everything but this gun?
  7. I was not going to get one. Until I saw the planets. Now I can see all of the beautiful worlds and mine at the same time! (also why I like the canopy)
  8. I think I need it, in 3.1
  9. I feel that a large range of vision is a must. I am not playing this game to be truck driver simulator 2947 but for it to be an epic game, seeing the sights of the universe, no matter the profession. (it is what makes me never want a freelancer, I'll take a cutlass any day, even though I will be a hauler/miner). I hope they make the mining mini-game fun and interactive.... and very profitable. Being a claim jumper should be great!
  10. CIG is going to have to wok hard to balance the Drake line now. It seems overpowered to the point I don't see the reason for using a freelance or a hornet. (or even the star G, I am sure you can get a fuel module for the Cat). In addition, it has a great aesthetic (the best in my opinion) as it has an industrial feel and the cramped quarters make it feel like a cargo ship or warship, not a cruise ship (I am looking at you idris).
  11. This is a continued nerf of the avenger. It makes the tigerstriek useless with any wing mounts.
  12. I think squadron 42 should make music minimalist and star citizen even more so. Now, that doesn't mean that there should be no epic tracks that I can make an album of, but it does mean that I want to hear the workings of a crewed Idris unimpeded. However, in cutscenes of fleet actions there should be epic music (I cannot think of a more appropriate time for epic music than goliath colliding in a fleet action, no matter the era). In certain important scenes I can see music used well (maybe some crazy commanders might come in with ride of the valkyries blaring on all channels), but in the PU, I see very little need and many easy ways to overplay music. If they are looking for immersion and noise in an otherwise fairly silent game, have the galactic radio turn on on default in our spaceships.
  13. What do you all think of the latest ATV on the music? Should the music be only for Squadron 42 or should music be constant?
  14. I am worried about the charge time. Is there really a need? (Other than the game balance reason of not hitting anything small- which I hate... I want to see a hornet explode!) As for the long firing, I think that is why it is called a rail beam and not a rail gun. It is probably a rail accelerated by a laser. This would mean that it would look cooler in cut scenes as you could actually see the shots. (Like lasers vs gauss weapons in stellaris)
  15. Life only lasts until Chris can get this dang game out... Maybe its better that they are taking their time...