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  1. I agree with this, especially since deck layouts are critical to sortie numbers and rearming turn arounds. I think people are underestimating how much the Idris is going to be used just as a rearming platform. If I develop a way to rearm craft faster then the next guy and train with my crew to execute it, I should be able to implement it, at least in my opinion.
  2. I think it would be a cool idea to make players put all (or at least most) power to engines to be able to quantum jump. Do you think this would be a cool feature to stop people from running away and help ambushers? Would it be balanced? I want to know your opinions.
  3. Not BMW. the last thing I want to be constantly cut off by space BMWs. I have enough problems already.
  4. Yeah, asking about how orgs will fight over/claim territory (as in stations) would be nice.
  5. So will the derelicts be owned by an insurance company? Or are we to assume that the NPCs did not have insurance. Or does insurance not work that way in Star Citizen (I think it would be way cooler if it did)? I know that having an in game court system would be excessive, but that is what salvage is really all about. Salvaging something and then defending your claim. If not whatever. Just thought it would be a cool way to show people the right direction to the wrecks and make actual jobs in the job board by having insurance companies pay you (or you buy the wreck+location from the insurance company). Lastly, I was saying that shooting might be excessive in response to "seeing that the other person stole your stuff". While in my ship, I see no problem defending myself. If a get pickpockets/robbed (not armed) at the bar, it hardly seems to be a justifiable plan to track down the guy, find him with your stuff, and then just shoot him.
  6. Why would they just spawn loot? I thought the entire idea for the PU(not 3.0) was not to have gamey features like this but base it on the actual economy? Has this changed and they will now have a planned economy? because that would destroy entire sections of the game (they would be doing this by stating the minimum amount that can be salvaged. Lethal force seems excessive on say... Terra. While in some systems this would work, in heavily policed systems, not so much. Not saying that this won't be a component, just seems a little to vigilante for earth and terra
  7. I agree they need a way of dealing with intruders, especially since the UEE seems to follow Texas law when it comes to personal weaponry and ROE. However, I disagree with the idea of tons of "universe loot" floating around. As we can see with modern shipping, if someone gets paid for the loss, its the insurance companies' property and therefore they own the rights. I think, at least in UEE systems, insurance companies should be the ones that spawn missions to salvage something. Otherwise, it IS piracy. This would differentiate between pirates outfits who have one person blow the stuff up and have another person salvage it, collecting the goods and being able to fence them without risk or loss of value. However, this obviously need some limits. Perhaps, after a period of time (I would advocate for longer, rather than shorter, to stymie pirates), if no one takes the job, then, and only then, will the wreck become unclaimed. This, to me, seems like common sense since a whole set of laws has been built around this in the real world.
  8. Love it and would love to buy it. Its just a little to much $$$ for me to really give right now. I guess I will have to be content with upgrading to a cutlass black or maybe a prospector. BTW, did they say anything about salvaging wrecks on the ground? Being on a mission when another player comes down in one of these and starts harvesting the wreck your in? Now that's gameplay.
  9. Why do you think they grabbed a rifle at the citizen con demo, its the only sensible choice for these massive planets. Otherwise, this ship is just a racing curiosity. The lack of cargo is punishment enough (and inability to be able to be secured in ships smaller than the DF).
  10. I am thinking that the Nox beats the dragonfly in combat (with a skilled pilot who doesn't flip), style, and speed. The Dragonfly wins for exploring and $$.
  11. Just a few questions to make me decide what I want to buy. If any of you could answer some/all of these I would be very grateful. I understand that the DF and the Nox are meant for different purposes. I am just trying to clarify what those are exactly. I would like to say that I have no desire to race, but pvp usability does matter to me. 1. From what I understand, both can be used for planetary exploration. However, the Nox can only carry a single person while the DF can carry 2. Is this correct? 2. I understand that the dragonfly can carry cargo, does anyone know how much? Can the box carry any cargo? From what I remember, the dragonfly can get a trailer, can the nox? 3. How much smaller is the Nox? I have no desire for swarms, but sweeping onto small ships has advantages. From what I understand, the dragonfly cannot be deployed from anything smaller than a cutlass. Can the Nox be deployed from smaller vehicles? 4. When will the nox be complete? will it be in 3.0 or will have to wait for 3.1/2/3? 5. Lastly, I would like to ask about their usability on the ground. The way the DF is set up, it can land even on very rocky terrain, can the Nox? will the box be limited to flatter areas? Lastly, a question about having a second person. Have they stated how powerful the handheld railgun will be? Will it have sub size 1 mass driver power? Or will they make it as powerful as like a size 2 mass driver but with limited shots? This will directly impact the usefulness of a dragonfly, which paints a much larger and less maneuverable target. Sorry for the long post.
  12. Could a nox fit a reliant?
  13. Thank you! It is a bog standard package (albeit an old one) so it should not be a problem. I had forgotten about the buyback token shenanigans.
  14. I was just looking through another thread. Is it true that I cannot use store credit to buy back my package if I melt it?
  15. Thank you both! I just was not sure about stacking ccus and whether or not I could unmelt my only game package. Your advice has been noted. Wait, the tana increased from $65?