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  1. So with the release of the nox I have looked at my hangar again and I am thinking of doing some restructuring (to get LTI). I just want to know if this is possible. 1. Melt my Aurora Legionnaire package that has been upgraded to an avenger titan. 2. Purchase a LTI xian nox $35. 3. Use my buyback token to purchase the $45 legionnaire package with star citizen and sq42. 4. Use the remaining credit to upgrade the nox to an avenger titan and then use an old $0 ccu to get a reliant. 5. Upgrade from there. As always, Thank you for your help.
  2. I am going for a staged assignation attempt to justify cracking down on the populace.
  3. I am not sure when all 4000 of us would need to assemble, other than for the one epic screenshot with the imperial march playing in the background as our capital ships approach.
  4. Oh, I was never thinking more than 200 members of the imperium spread across an entire planet with maybe 100-150 ships. I don't even think Imperium could get all of its members to show up, even if CIG's servers could handle it. The only way what I am saying is possible is if there were a bunch of ~10 ship groups that all operate independently.
  5. I think multiple capital ship battles will definitely be possible. Just how many is multiple. 3-4 vs 3-4 caps, with like 30-35 fighters? I would really hope yes. 20 vs 20 caps, with 100 fighters in the mix? Probably not. Imperium sized meetings, probably not. Planetary domination, sure. It doesn't take that much to dominate a small, weak planet and the bases should be set up far enough apart that it should not be a problem having two fights on opposite sides of a planet.
  6. But this would contradict the fact that the UEE has kept the hornet around for a LONG time and the bengal even longer. Why should they replace a cutting edge ship after 17 years when they won't even let Anvil sell mil spec hornets?
  7. This. Withe expensive torpedoes, it will limit their use to a large org based role, with large groups of people paying for them to destroy only crucial targets.
  8. The only issue I have with this ship is the lore. When I first heard the announcement, I assumed it would a legacy ship that hd no real strategic value to the UEE anymore. However, Then they announces that it has only been in service 17 years! This is one of the UEE's latest toys and they are just selling it off. Why? It doesn't makes sense. The militia mobilization initiative does not explain it because it is STEALTH Bomber design to attack enemy territory. This is far outside of a militia's goal, which is to defend friendly space. Now, I understand they want to sell it, but are they so lazy as to just not care about it making sense lore wise? Yeah, this basically makes the idris-m "common", not the coveted and rare ship that it once was.
  9. Yeah. I think they also realize that us backers who enjoy playing for the **value** could seriously cut into their revenue stream. I don't know what they were expecting though with a community made up of a lot of Min/Maxers. I understand why they are doing it. But with ongoing balance issues, I don't think now is the time to do this.
  10. You are in luck! Behring Applied Technology is in the lore. They are are basically the skunk works (they even have cartoon mascot, a bat) and Area-51 is villi, a moon which is completely covered in scars from explosions which the government denies ever taking place.
  11. Thank you. Like many others, I have several pages of unapplied $0 CCUs waiting for prices on new ships to increase. I would not want them to REALLY screw me over. Not to sat this isn't a disgusting cash grab though.
  12. Just to confirm, the $0 CCUs I have right now won't become more expensive, will they? I though this was just for future CCU purchases. If not, please let me know so I can start upgrading.
  13. Do you all think it is worth it to add investigative journalism to the game? When I say this I mean like finding out about the UEE's black programs (which we have already learned that they have a lot of) and maybe finding out about new ships before release. I just think it would be cool for them to hide the info somewhere so the fact that a new ship is due out will leak in game, not posted on their website or selling the info to a periodical that corporation X actually terraformed over colonists purposefully to make sure the corporation could own 100% of the planet.
  14. This is why Imperium will train together. Even working in an integrated force, commanding a strike force is going to be a bitch. From gung ho hotshots to overly cautious cap ship owners not willing to sacrifice/endanger their ship or even integrating with a ground assault force will likely be a pain and really necessary. However, these events will likely be so much fun that, as long as costs are covered, people will donate their time to participate.
  15. I'm betting Aegis Eclipse is next. The latest Showdown had two black programs Project Eclipse and Operation Deadbolt being released soon. I assume project eclipse is the Aegis Eclipse. I hope it is connie sized and designed for extreme stealth and infiltration, like the prowler. What do you all think project deadbolt will be?