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  1. I like the fact that they are making military ships a lot tougher... but landing that many torpedos in a normal situation would be tough... is there still a place for the retaliator?
  2. faquarl25

    Anvil Arrow

    My only question is how it will stack up compared to the gladius... especially since it is less expensive.
  3. I like the theory crafting. My only question is what resource would having 109 people for one ship be worth it? Basically, if the orion would have say, a max of 15 crew, I feel like an escort of 2 retaliators with 4 light fighters or one hammerhead and 4 heavy fighters/light bombers and just multiple convoys would be more worth it as you would be able to stop 98% of threats (since the vast majority of times pirates are looking for easy prey). This means that WAY more material could be moved. Now formations like that would be useful for attacking hardened targets, but convoys are supposed to av
  4. Totally agree. But Toyota has looked the other way at those exploiting the second-hand market for their trucks as technicals. So I would include the buccaneer. For the Kraken, I would agree its marketed as a mobile "refit and repair" that might be able to mount a few turrets. I really believe CIG will make this simply because they are faced with a significant problem right now. They can't give NPC pirates idrises because that would break the lore. So, they instead give the pirates their version. It also gives them a way to make missions for all the OP large ships that they have been making thi
  5. While the community has seemingly supported n3 most extensively at this point (not surprising due to the widespread love of "pocket carriers"), I would strongly suggest going for either 1 or 2, since that class needs a lot more ships and there isn't much of a reason other than fun for number 3 to be present in game.
  6. My point is that the Polaris makes significant comprises in order to have the hangar. It could be much smaller, faster, and maneuverable if it didn't need to have it. I like the comparison to the littoral ships, especially the US ones which also tried to do everything and now are excellent at nothing.
  7. I would disagree. The retaliator is not rendered obsolete by the Polaris. If anything, it is the other way around. The retaliator, which is smaller, and far less expensive, delivers a comparable (though slightly smaller) payload. This means that in most engagements, people will be able to deploy more retaliators than Polari(?, not sure on plural here). I personally don't see why one would ever use a Polaris instead of of one or two retaliators. The redeemer was supposed to be far smaller, meaning that it should not be placed in comparison to the hammerhead.
  8. faquarl25

    Aegis Sabre

    Did anyone catch CR's statement in the latest Aegis ATV? He mentioned that the sabre is a common site on the "front lines". Wasn't the point of the ship that the UEE did not want it so they were releasing it to the public? Did I get something wrong? If so, does this mean the UEE now buys it? What is the rationale for selling to civilians?
  9. This is what I was hoping the Polaris would be. Instead, we got a ship that didn't know its role. The Polaris doesn't know if it wants to be a carrier, bomber, or gunship, sacrificing all of these roles for a little of each. It was clearly designed for small orgs to operate from or (in universe speak) militias to operate C&C off of with a little combat. I will be disappointed if we see a lot of polarizes in the UEE fleet because they simply don't fill a needed role (the military already has a bomber, a small carrier, and has more C&C than anyone would know what do do with).
  10. So, is synthworld actually a trap?
  11. faquarl25


    I agree with a lot of this, but I don't see F7A Upgrades really being found around that much. As far as I can tell, CIG needs to make sure that at least some AI pilots can wreck like 90% of the player base. The F7A upgrades stops players from shrugging off UEE response, making them a proper threat. I also think this is where the glades upgrade is from (also the fact that they need to balance gladius vs Buccaneer). While the F7A is no F8, it still provides a healthy advantage for the UEE that put the civilian armaments in perspective (I expect the UEE Capital ships (Javelin, Idris, Polaris) to
  12. You will get what you spent on the ship+any applied upgrades. You can't game the systems for more credits, I tried as well. You can however, use the new value of the target ship to ccu to other more expensive ships.
  13. I really like that they are doing this, but I feel like it need more explanation. Even Ship Mass says: "Origin ships use more advanced lightweight materials that retain strength rather than the traditional stalwarts like Aegis and Anvil with heavier metals" Does origins materials not stand up to punishment? Or is it just flat out better (suspicious, since everything should have trade offs) And: "Xi’an ships are renowned for their materials and are significantly lighter than human counterparts" - Ditto to above. I feel like alien=better is an old played out trope so that would b
  14. I agree with this, especially since deck layouts are critical to sortie numbers and rearming turn arounds. I think people are underestimating how much the Idris is going to be used just as a rearming platform. If I develop a way to rearm craft faster then the next guy and train with my crew to execute it, I should be able to implement it, at least in my opinion.
  15. I think it would be a cool idea to make players put all (or at least most) power to engines to be able to quantum jump. Do you think this would be a cool feature to stop people from running away and help ambushers? Would it be balanced? I want to know your opinions.
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