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  1. I STRONGLY dislike the forced fixing of gimbals. As an Avenger pilot, I find it incredibly annoying to be forced to play around a single feature when they promised the opposite, that any hard point could be swapped out. Instead its, well you can except on that one and that one and that one grrrrrr...
  2. Everything is relative. It's easy to look good when you have the Vanduul on your border.
  3. I wish they would make a Q-ship variant of one of these... Especially if it is idris sized!
  4. I agree with the cockpits. Th HUD shows us everything anyway, so there is no game balance there. However, they are building this crazy beautiful universe, so why not have the cockpits to enjoy it (other than sell slightly more expensive versions of the ship with better views –I am looking at you Constellation Aquila)?
  5. A warlock never hurts... especially if you have a backup hornet for sniping, you can em without worrying about position. Also, I think a polaris would be more than enough. You only need to be able to fit the cutlass (which I believed fit –maybe not anymore– ) for offloading cargo and repairing all of the fighters. An idris just means more people/NPCs to pay. You also don't want to attract more attention than necessary.
  6. This week can't end soon enough!
  7. I mean, its possible. Most other large ships have some sort of parasite craft and $185 for full ship is not that much, especially when you factor in the alien premium. I am expecting a craft with stats of like a standard hornet (though with its sniping specialty) so docking with the BMM could be a nice way to encourage people to buy it.... or this all could be BS and its just the Banu version of the Aurora and a $150 alien premium.
  8. In the imperium, it should not be too difficult. Just get the salvage guys on it whenever it is destroyed and make sure it never falls down a gravity well.
  9. I feel like it would be more cool to have a more diverse large market. In universe, the corporate market for huge ships and platforms (like Shubin rigs and orions or reclaimers) would dwarf the independent market. This would lead to people competing at the largest level, with maybe only 1-2 small/medium ships in that profession. Therefore, I would love to see other large ships for these professions fleshed out. I am OK if these "other options" are just a really modified caterpillar from Drake, or a modified reclaimer from Aegis. This makes sense. It would be cool to see ship with the hull of an orion but the tools for salvage. I would also love to see a caterpillar outfitted for Gas transport and refueling. Maybe not as good for the job as a starfarer, but significantly cheaper.
  10. When did they say we could own a cruiser? I thought that they would be persistent and uninsured.
  11. So I have been reading a lot of James A Corey's the Expanse series lately and now, whenever I look at SC starships, I am immediately cringing and weirded out by the gravity and gravity vectors being orthogonal. I am wondering if anyone would like to see a super realistic game to come out? Would it be too hard to build and deal with wait times that real space travel involves? Speaking of that, would it be very difficult for CIG to make another game after Star Citizen now that they have all of the tools built? I was thinking that games like Blackwake could be really cool in a MMO environment that CIG is making. Simply inserting their trading mechanics, building a world a fraction of the size that they already have, and building a ship or two more. While I completely understand that this will never happen, I don't fully understand game development and would like to clarify. Are the tools CIG is currently building reusable for any project? Because if they are, could they start churning out smaller games with more limited scope once star citizen is released (I chose blackwake as an example because 20-35 islands and a basic trade mechanic could make that game really fun)?
  12. While ships should be designed to be held, it should not trump usefulness, especially on a civilian ship like the starfarer. I love the look of the javelin (even if I think it should get its turrets back and get the turret on a tower pulled off, no seriously, what numbskull thought of that, its just stupid). It looks meaner, significantly more powerful than the idris. It just feels like it should be feared and can rip apart anything its wants. I really like that CIG is making the Idris fairly common (as seen in the Idris at the "truck stop") like a LCS or a Coast Guard cutter. I hope that while the Idris might be fairly common, the Javelin should be nearly impossible to try and acquire (kind of like a regular person trying to buy a US destroyer here on Earth. Maybe some billionaires, and only then from second/third hand sources.
  13. I agree as well. The Polaris's hangar is not necessarily the most useful for combat. But if it fits everything up to the terrapin, it should be really useful as a command ship. I see a lot of the exploration being done by large groups of 315p, terrapins, and similar because, unless they make the aquila able to auto sense the deposits (that would not be fun), a fleet of them could cover more ground. Also, it is a nice way to show off some muscle in low/null-sec space for the Imperium.
  14. I agree overall. However, range might not be as much of an issue if it is around large ships (I assume you can offload fuel out of your tank).
  15. Smarts? I would not exactly call the combat ability of characters in ME3 like Liara smart.... But hopefully CIG will be better, making them more risk averse.