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  1. My Thoughts on Star Marine in 2.6.1

    My argument for the medkits originates from the fact I work way more than full time, give or take 60 hours a week. I just don't get much time to play and can't spare the time to learn. There's a balance you need to find between being able to accommodate to everyone to some level but being able to reward skilled or dedicated players. I simply don't have the time to spare 30 minutes or an hour to it if I need to spend that time on a video, for example. That's why I would say have some sort of indicator, but not a direct arrow. I see both sides of the argument. It is a "virtual" module anyway, not the PU, so I think they would be able to afford some leniency for that reason.
  2. My Thoughts on Star Marine in 2.6.1

    Thank you! It's quite exciting to see the support I've been getting in the past few months from both Imperium members and random viewers.
  3. My Thoughts on Star Marine in 2.6.1

    Glad to hear you liked it! I appreciate the sub as well!
  4. I made a new video for my thoughts on the changes to Star Marine in Alpha 2.6.1. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think! Some likes and subscriptions are nice too, if you are inclined.
  5. ***NEWS FLASH*** Leaked Image of MISC Prospector!

    It's pretty experimental looking, perhaps a collaboration with Anvil like Star Hawks said. Looks like you might need to feed, err, fuel it all the time, too? For $140 I'd rather go for the FARM Packmule.
  6. Star citizen videos

    Hey, your video was recommended for me the other day. I didn't watch it as I was doing other stuff, but I remember the thumbnail. I'll pop a subscription in there for ya. I make videos as well, so perhaps we can collab sometime.
  7. My dong has expanded once again.
  8. I want to trade my Mustang Omega for a Reliant Kore. The Omega is technically a $60 value when you redeem it, and it's the same at a Gamma, so $55/$60 take your pick. Either way, it's pretty close to the value of the Kore. It is for racing, so it goes pretty fast if you want that. It also counts as a game package, so you can play if this is your only package. Does not come with SQ42. PM or reply if interested. Here's a screencap of it.
  9. New Corvette is a thing *confirmed*

    Exciting. As much as I want an Idris, it's a bit big. I may get one of these some day and play with friends, if I ever get some that play SC, or even join in with my fleet.
  10. Trading - Aurora

    I would recommend an Aurora CLR, since it is designed for trade. It has 23 SCU instead of 13. However, an LX has a jump drive if you want to start with small count, large profit runs to other systems. I would recommend saving a bit and going for Reliant Kore if you can. I'm certain it will come on sale again.
  11. Exploitabilty of Gameplay

    Well, I don't think insurance makes getting a new ship free, but just reduces replacement costs. CIG and CR seem to show this is what insurance does. They could easily balance the costs so used parts of a ship aren't worth as much as a new ship under insurance.
  12. Early Game Economics

    Here's my list: Week One: 1. Start your job. You need money for everything. Most people would probably be a bit cautious going about this, so maxing weapons and defenses won't be the most important to most people. 2. Get protection set up. Get shields, personal weapons, etc. Stay alive. Simple, there will always be that one guy. 3. Get routines set up for trading, bounty hunting locations, etc. Make sure you mark your territory and mark it well. 4. Get spare resources like fuel and ammo. Be sure you don't flop in the beginning due to mistakes. You need a future-proof liquid-asset foundation. 5. A few personal things for fun. It is a game, you know. We all want some fun. Three Months In: 1. Deck out your main income maker. By now the caution will be laying off, and you will need to be protective. 2. Set in a long-term career path or paths. By this time we will have an idea of what works and what doesn't and the player-driven economy will start setting in and every role is important. 3. Set up a secondary ship or secondary personal fleet. You can't rely on one ship alone. Can also help with some side jobs. 4. Start some heavy Org activity. Now, each individual has resources to put into the Org and the inevitable power struggles will begin. 5. Preparing long term play. This is a long term game. I would like to go to six months, but that is just not predictable currently.
  13. Anvil Aerospace Crucible

    I would love the Crucible. I for one, like the look. But I tend to not be TOO picky. I do love they way the repair mechanic is going though. Maybe something I'll do one day.
  14. Have money, don't know what to buy

    Like the first comment said. save. I'm horrible at saving, I LOVE spending money, but I manage if I try, and it get's me nicer things in the end. Save for a new PC component or a nice HOTAS to make SC more enjoyable, or just get something nice non-SC related, no matter how silly that concept is.