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  1. Airnest

    Elders Scrolls Online anyone?

    Thanks @stefmarster! if anyone else is playing. Please add me @Aairnest in the game - I mostly do PvE things like dungeons and trial runs. i'll add you in the game @KKillroyV2
  2. Airnest

    Elders Scrolls Online anyone?

    anyone around the fleet an active player of ESO? I'm looking for more friends to play with.
  3. Airnest

    memory More RAM for Star Citizen

    Thanks guys! You just save me $200. Appreciate the screenshot @Donut!
  4. Hey all, Would anyone recommend a 32GB RAM while playing the game? I currently have a 16GB memory and everytime I play Star Citizen, it always takes the remainder of what's left available. By default, my system takes about 5.5GB on my RAM space. Would you guys recommend it?
  5. Airnest

    Anyone here plays AC Unity?

    Looking for companions to play the game. It's not really broken as the reviews are saying. I do not want to mislead but I never had any single crashes and I've been playing the game for more than 20 hours now. My gameplay would be a coordinated stealth approach on any given situation. Add me on steam @Aairnest_ if anyone wants to play!
  6. Airnest

    Reporting in

    Hey there DD-314 and welcome to the base!
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Airnest

    Hello, please call me Air

    Thank you so much guys for the welcome :333
  9. Airnest

    Hello, please call me Air

    Hi. I'm Air, I'm an enthusiast on travel, nature, astronomy and the universe. I have a tumblr blog that pretty much describes everything about me... so what u feel there is exactly what it is. I joined the imperium because it's the community that can almost describes my philosophy of a united world out there and how they do things economically. aairnest.tumblr.com