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  1. Anyone here plays AC Unity?

    Looking for companions to play the game. It's not really broken as the reviews are saying. I do not want to mislead but I never had any single crashes and I've been playing the game for more than 20 hours now. My gameplay would be a coordinated stealth approach on any given situation. Add me on steam @Aairnest_ if anyone wants to play!
  2. Reporting in

    Hey there DD-314 and welcome to the base!
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Hello, please call me Air

    Thank you so much guys for the welcome :333
  5. Hello, please call me Air

    Hi. I'm Air, I'm an enthusiast on travel, nature, astronomy and the universe. I have a tumblr blog that pretty much describes everything about me... so what u feel there is exactly what it is. I joined the imperium because it's the community that can almost describes my philosophy of a united world out there and how they do things economically. aairnest.tumblr.com