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  1. Welcome to the Fleet soldier, glad to have you here!
  2. I confirm for the 205th. Capital Battlegroup.
  3. Welcome! You're in the right place for glory spreading!
  4. It is an honor to receive this award, thank you! 07
  5. Hey! Don't know if it was posted here, but we just won a video contest for the Invictus Launch week! <###(3) The sun never sets! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/invictus-launch-week-video-contest Thank you Sir_Belial, Switchd, Callum_127, Deonaldi, Kemalis and Triggerminus for your great inputs and help. Video contest Submission: We also made a Directors cut: And a bloopers video:
  6. Landing at ArcCorp for the Expo
  7. @[≡☠≡] Ĵǿƹ ĞɨŁŁɨąɲ I might get one further down the line from you, keep one in storage for me if you're able. Currently got one that's not LTI and will be trying it out in the verse when 3.3 comes out to see if I like it or not.
  8. Welcome to the fleet @212Apollo, love the name.
  9. Will do my best to be there.
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