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  1. Protecting our industry.

    Units cooperation can probably play a part in this.
  2. Game Day, January 27th

    Will see if I can make it, got exams coming up
  3. Happy 2018 gents!

    Happy new year everyone! Awesome to see 3.0 is out, lets hope 2019 brings us a Beta For us in Norway, new year was five hours ago! Its probably catching up in other countries Live long and prosper! May the force be with you! Best Regards!
  4. Want to Sell Selling an Idris-M (Giftable) - $3000 USD

    I can confirm that the "gift-button" works, sold mine the same way.
  5. New Imperium Website

    Instant love.
  6. $130,000,000

    Woooo! Greatest space game here we come!
  7. Hello! I'm currently studying to become a pilot and that's where I kinda got the idea of making this for my Idris. The idea is to have the pilot in Star Citizen feel that he is actually landing an actual spaceship inside another spaceship, to get that feel of immersion is what I'm after. This might be overdoing it, but I thought it would be cool to have this as a procedure for at least my Idris and eventually any bigger ship I might get to command. Don't know how this will work in the game, but I will try none the less! So I thought It would be nice to get some feedback on what I could add/remove and so on. Thanks! <3 **Still a WIP** The idea is to open up the possibility of having an ATC for a ship which can have other ships land inside it. Pilots landing When a pilot enters the control zone for, in this case, Liberty, let's say at Romeo 3, the pilot request permission to enter via ROMEO 3 for a full stop landing. The ATC will clear the pilot and give further instructions such as enter control zone via ROMEO 3 for STARBOARD FINAL. Then the pilot repeats the clearance and so on. "Holdings" are for when the flight deck is not ready to receive the landing spacecraft. ATC In real life, during landing the ATC would say the wind direction and speed, in this case I thought it would be cool for ATC to say the ships speed so that the pilot landing would know which speed to hold to match for landing. (This is of course if ships can move while others are landing.) NOTE: Distances & speeds have yet to be checked, currently just place holders. Also CIG might make something that kills this. Best Regards
  8. Complete Idris-M Class Frigate LTI

    **Update** The ship has been sold at asking price!
  9. Complete Idris-M Class Frigate LTI

    **Update** The Price now includes the Paypal expenses.
  10. Good afternoon, I am not leaving star citizen, I love star citizen, CIG and Imperium. But due to my future plans, to become a professional airline pilot here in Europe, I have decided to put my Idris-M up for sale. It has not yet been used and it's in perfect condition. Price might be high, but the M was one of the first ones out there and I think that counts for something. I don't mind holding onto the ship myself, but if there is anyone who really wants one of these, here it is. Selling at $3000 (Includes paypal) "once it is gifted it becomes account bound". Key Technical Information // (Note: Ship specifications are subject to change) Focus : Frigate Length : 239.50 meters Beam : 131.20 meters Hight : 50.50 meters Mass : 1.610.110 kg Max crew : 10 persons Cargo Capacity : 860 Carries : 3 ships Comes with // 6x S5 - 6x M3C ASA Turrets 1x S5 - M5C STS Turret 1x S5 - Zestroyer Rail Gun Utility ship PM me if interested. I read over the rules and I think this post should be in order, if not, please pm me and I'll remove it. Best Regards,
  11. Oculus Rift Poll / discussion

    Im getting it !
  12. Sandi's Star Citizen Pictures

    I want one of them cards!