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  1. Landing at ArcCorp for the Expo
  2. @[≡☠≡] Ĵǿƹ ĞɨŁŁɨąɲ I might get one further down the line from you, keep one in storage for me if you're able. Currently got one that's not LTI and will be trying it out in the verse when 3.3 comes out to see if I like it or not.
  3. Welcome to the fleet @212Apollo, love the name.
  4. Will do my best to be there.
  5. Welcome!
  6. Adoulin

    hello all:)

    Welcome to Imperium, that is a nice looking fleet you got there
  7. Units cooperation can probably play a part in this.
  8. Will see if I can make it, got exams coming up
  9. Happy new year everyone! Awesome to see 3.0 is out, lets hope 2019 brings us a Beta For us in Norway, new year was five hours ago! Its probably catching up in other countries Live long and prosper! May the force be with you! Best Regards!
  10. I can confirm that the "gift-button" works, sold mine the same way.
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