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  1. Glitch2210

    Game Day, November 25th

    Fun, i will try and get on then.
  2. Glitch2210


  3. Glitch2210


    This appears to be a newegg specific thing however, unless i am reading it wrong. in which case unless you are 100% sure the code you are buying is coming from a newegg drive you are still susceptible to a scam. This is good info to know however, since i am getting my drive from newegg (i needed an upgrade anyway) so its nice to know if the drive has issues and i need to return it i wont lose my ship xD
  4. Glitch2210

    Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    cant wait, need to reorganize my fleet
  5. Glitch2210

    Some Fan Art I recently did!

    These are awesome!
  6. Glitch2210

    Best Ship Names

    "If you can read this you're to close"
  7. Glitch2210

    November Imperium Insider

    Nice i will try and tune in, tho i am going to be shopping for a new comp desk so might be on my cell lol
  8. Glitch2210

    Nox + Nox Kue

    hopefully that will go better for you then the last ones to try that lol
  9. Glitch2210

    MISC Starfarer Gemini

    that's interesting since it goes counter to what is posted on the new matrix, " The listed Cargo Capacity is only for the dedicated Cargo Room and does not account for the extra space available from the bulk cargo pods. " thought it does make more sense. either way the ship definitely looks awesome, and i plan to pick one up if only for my own fueling needs xD
  10. Glitch2210

    Tobii Eye Tracking Tech

    I think they will have something similiar to this with the unlocked head. if you pay close attention you will notice during the FOIP demo it did look like the characters eyes were tracking to the players. Personally the bigest thing i would love from something like this would be for targeting with gimble mounts and turrets, kind of like how some fighter piolates have similar tech.
  11. Glitch2210

    Nox + Nox Kue

    Very Much looking forward to these being flyable, i got a few mostly as LTI tokens but i also plan on using them as an easy use for carrying a small exploration ship on some of my bigger ships as well as for shear racing. Plus they just look so cool xD
  12. Glitch2210


    yea new egg is literally the only place i can even find them listed :/ which sucks since i have actually been looking to get a new drive for months anyway so it would be totally perfect if i could find them being sold lol
  13. Glitch2210


    yea it doesn't look like they have actually been released yet. which is weird since i think they were supposed to a few days ago but there like not online anywhere.
  14. Glitch2210


    Thanks! yea i was reading the fine print and was like "OH NO! THIS COULD BE BAD!"