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  1. It's been some time since the last time I have been on the forums. I hope all is well in Imperium, looking forward to being active again with the new updates coming up!

    1. Switch


      Damnit, guess I'll go hide if you're coming back.

  2. You should post a video. I need to see this baby in action.
  3. Can I CCU my Mustang to this? lol
  4. I just don't understand this man at all. He attacks people personally, bashes a game thats in Alpha. Accusations with no evidence to back them up. Complains about it taking too long but other MMOs and RPGs like WOW,Oblivion, and Skyrim were all in development for 4-5 years and they arent on the same massive scale as this game. He just annoys me to no end even when I do ignore him lol. Damn trolls.
  5. Yeah I see where you're coming from. I just feel like hes just like any other troll that wants a response from people. I want nothing but the worst for this guy and I do enjoy looking at the silly things he posts to his twitter. Karma is a bitch though and one of these days I'm sure his actions will catch up with him.
  6. I think people need to just ignore this guy. The more attention you give him the worse things get. He wants to argue with people and no matter what you do he will still be stubborn and arrogant. No need to fuel this idiot.
  7. Fall

    Aegis Sabre

    Check out this size comparison. I think I may be getting myself a Sabre.
  8. Fall

    Freelancer - 2.0

    I agree! I was actually about to post this video then I saw this. Teller, FiendishFeather, and GrayheadedGamer post all kinds of great stuff.
  9. Fall

    MISC Endeavor

    I can't help but love how the Carrack looks in this video. It doesn't seem very much smaller than the endeavor after all.
  10. Very cool, any video exploits or not that shows this game is always appealing. Thanks for the share.
  11. Fall

    MISC Endeavor

    Just released by Teller. CHECK IT OUT
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