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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. I totally agree with everything you said and I have to admit I am very guilty of this especially the last couple months. I'm in star citizen quiet often though playing alone. I'm trying to get better at dog fighting but I suck pretty bad honestly. Other than star citizen I've played a little RL but not competitively. Havnt really been really into any games. Not a big fan of overwatch but I do have planet side 2 and would play if others were into it (it's free). Same with the division, I put the game down after I hit lvl 30 way back when. Lack of content and got boring. besides my lack of interest in games lately, summer is pretty busy for me at my job so it should be dieing down coming into the fall. I'd love to play with everyone, I don't think I am familiar with a lot of guys here so if we can get something going that would be awesome. Again I'm pretty guilty about not getting on TS and I apologize for that. I'll make sure I'm around more often and would love to get to know you guys that I havnt meet yet. I hope all has been well with everyone. Also: if anyone wants to help me in sc I'd much appreciate it. I've been having trouble getting shots on target and can't figure out why my aiming reticle lags behind my mouse movement so much.
  3. So when are we going to begin creating space shanties for Alaris...
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