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    Molding the vision for the future of Oracle Deepspace Operations and Market Hub, administrating the infrastructure creation for their services, and developing the content that makes them such 'stellar' communities and companies to immersively experience the Verse among.

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  1. Bulk purchase available you say? 😏I like me some Sabre Ravens and have a habit of stocking entire fleets for my companies' staff to use on company bidniz. Yeah, I think I'm down, but we'll need to work out some details, nada loaded on muh Paypal at the moment. Message me?
  2. I may need to find another video for it or something because what I watched/perceived left me unimpressed. It felt bland, like they hadn't finished figuring out rendering and effects details or something. Could've been a resolution issue or something, but it didn't bring me any hype whatsoever visually, and the gameplay itself seemed kinda clunky. I do love the premise of the game though, and it's still amidst development, so I hope it all tightens up.
  3. It makes far more sense to engage in business 2 business relations to secure operating contracts for regular service with a company/companies specializing in the service and far more capable of doing it correctly and at scale (essential for the service to function widely).
  4. If you're that close to maxing out its value I'd highly suggest you wait until you can go the extra 30% and pass the $666 mark for the full $100 off. Yeah, I should've been more mindful and thought ahead, but I get overly busy and bogged down administrating the fastest growing org in the Verse
  5. [WTB] Imperator Subscriber Discount Coupons ASAP!
  6. Exactly, the Delta doesn't belong in this sale, it should've been in the military sale, but it boils down to badges the site uses. A Mustang badge applies to all Mustangs, and this sale has the most relevance for multiple Mustangs so there was inevitable overlap and few fucks given about it, though it made the pack far less appealing.
  7. It is literally another day and time of day attention span does matter.
  8. 'Take on the Verse' has combative tones, and is counter-intuitive to our prime directive of safety first. Thank you for your feedback!
  9. Yeppers! The original message had it's 'instructions' lopped off during the copying/pasting, tis fixed now.
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