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  1. Bumping this post as we are now up and running in-game doing courtesy flights to players daily! We are still delaying any official launch until the game includes passenger transport mechanics- however; now is a great time to make friends and RP! If you are playing the game in its current state and would like to serve as a commercial pilot, flight attendant or on-board security, contact us via the website to be added to the team!
  2. A round ticket from Terra to Tiber would run between 1,600UEC and 2,200UEC each depending on your selected seat class. We also offer private charter services if credits are of little concern to you... Pricing for all chartered flights are based on flight itinerary, number of guests, duration, and any special requests made at the time of booking. Chartered flights are not limited to the ports offered in our standard commercial service, and are often escorted by a private security service to assure the highest level of safety and security for all guests aboard. Please refer to Horizon's
  3. The Horizon Board of Directors is proud to announce the launch of our state of the art website. In support of the StarCitizenBase community, Horizon Starlines has included a link at the bottom of our page to these fantastic forums! www.HORIZONSTARLINES.com
  4. We are honored to present our Corporate Charter, which can be viewed via the RSI site. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/HORIZONAIR
  5. Greetings to the other Dignitaries and to the Imperial Embassy, My name is Ethan Vector, and I speak on behalf of the founding directors for Horizon Starlines. I will be the first to say that we are excited to be a part of this galactic community and look forward to many challenging and lucrative partnerships with the others here. I would like to take the time to share more about our company and its values: HORIZON STARLINES™ strives to raise passenger satisfaction by providing the highest standards of service, reliability and safety. Our passionate crew and
  6. Greetings Citizens! I am just writing to announce that our Board of Directors has opened up applications for a lucrative partnership opportunity! Horizon Starlines is searching for a small to mid-sized security company that we can hire on contract to escort our luxury vessels. We hope to find a group of players with a play style and maturity similar to our own. To learn more about HORIZON STARLINES and to apply for this opportunity, please visit our recruitment forum or website: HORIZON FORUM HORIZON WEBSITE
  7. In my line of work, Ive learned sex sells if its done in a trendy or classy way. And appealing to multiple demographics is of course more effective too. Our marketing campaign is geared towards the game's generalized demographic - Male between 25-45. However, these days there are plenty of gay gamers, and female gamers so we decided to market one side of the business with mostly females, and the other side (shipping) with males. Im hoping this wont cause all the guys to apply as flight attendants and the girls for shipping crew. LOL Since I've mentioned our planning phas
  8. UPDATE - NOV 6th: We are now running informal courtesy flights on random servers in-game! If you would like to join in on the RP and crew-up, contact us via the website. UPDATE - MARCH 19th: Our website is now LIVE!!! www.HORIZONSTARLINES.com By now, you're probably thinking... "Where did this crazy organization come from, and why am I hearing about it now?" The truth is, if you want to make credits in a life-like game; you need to treat it like a real company. While others were excited to start an organization and get as many people signed up as they
  9. Ethan Vector

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  10. I havnt checked Kane's yet... thank you for the link.
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