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  1. so when do you think the new netcode will come (or just some kinda new netcode)
  2. got some vaild points in that video. hopefully CIG will make a functional and fun game in the end.
  3. Nossa


    I like it. But i do miss a radar so i can see which direction i need to turn?
  4. worth it tho... the freelancer guns are nice 1 shot kills on the npcs and 2-3 shots on hornets
  5. Seems like its a bug in the ptu... infinite afterburner for the freelancer
  6. How can he fly that fast in scm speed?
  7. Didnt CR say that the new nyx landing zone would be in 2.1
  8. last seems unstable for me... only get 5 min playtime before i crash
  9. Not sure this have been posted before. But download this to see the different ship scales in star citizen (this is a unreal map so you can fly aound yourself) http://romanito.com/starcitizen/ship-scale-viewer/Ship Scale
  10. That new freelancer sneak peak... Cant wait!
  11. Yep.. since 2.0f it aint working for me... but its server related it seems.
  12. Nossa

    Aegis Sabre

    Some quick renders of the sabre...;)
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