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  1. I gotcha. No worries, I just thought it was a bit strange. Glws!
  2. Heads up to potential buyers. I contacted this seller previously, who stopped responding after I sent a PM asking for proof of the package. He confirmed the trade with a new forum user with no prior post history half a month later. Since this is a new member combined with my interaction with this particular user, I would advise caution. As usual, please make sure to review the PSA announcement and protect yourself during trades. Fly safe cmdrs, and see you in the verse :)
  3. Are you selling your account? The screenshot you posted shows that the ship is non-giftable.
  4. Aurora package SOLD to @Ornaldo . MPUV LTI still available @ $40 or LTI Avenger Stalker @ 60!
  5. Trying to sell off some of the extra packages I purchased a couple years ago for an ITX build I'm currently working on for college. This is one of the cheapest way to get the full game + Squadron 42 currently. Package purchased back in 2015 and comes with Squadron 42 + Star Citizen. Ship upgrades also available. $35 P/P for the Aurora MR Starter Pack w/ SQ42 Aurora Starter Package SOLD. $40 for the LTI MPUV Cargo (Melt value $35), or $60 for LTI Avenger Stalker(Melt value $60) upgraded from MPUV Cargo. Leave a message here first before PM. Paypal Only.
  6. Today I logged in to a spare account which has nothing except for a non-giftable gladius(Ship only) since I transferred all the giftable ship to the account I actually use. If I go to https://robertsspaceindustries.com/download, the account somehow still pass all the check, including the "Game Package" check which shows "PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE". Does anyone else have an account with only ships and no game package who can check if they have access as well? If it works on other accounts, then it might be a bug on their website and we should file a bug report in the issue council. Either that or RSI might have decided to let everyone who has a ship to access Alpha and I somehow missed an announcement. Very strange.
  7. It might just be similar to Elite's "Founders' World" kind of deal. Would be interesting to see how it's eventually implemented. P.S: Only 6 months insurance on the kitten dragonfly
  8. I finally broke the 1042RP milestone! But what exactly is the "Million Mile High Club Access"? I never really understood what the point of it is, and according to the official post , it is just basically a lounge where you can invite other players? Does anyone have any details on this?
  9. That's the thing with ad farming. It even depends on luck as well. Someone search SC up on google -> Clicks Your Ad -> Sign up for account -> Purchase $40 worth of products(And it have to be actual cash flowing into the game and not gifted by others) -> You get points. On one hand, you help SC pay for adverts. On the other hand, too many people do this and it might be worth it to find another way to promote SC
  10. Really their current contest is only aiming for basically the 'most popular' youtuber. The entire thing is just bad execution really. First - They ignore any legacy players that have been with them since kickstarter, and only introducing referral rewards for those who joined in (2016?). It's not aimed towards actual fans who likes the game, bundled with the slow development and their current budget of 148 millions dollars, they seems to be still pushing out new concepts and ship announcements, especially with their recent 'Warbond editions' to get more funding. Also back to the main topic, are they really expecting anyone to get to 2942 rp by the end of August? Even first on the leaderboard only have 1533 rp, and stlyoungblood only have 1057. Basically if you convince 2942 people to spend 40 bucks min. each(2942*40=over 100 thousand dollars minimum), then they throw you a free ticket to gamescom? Not really want to rant or anything, it's just the fact they are still trying to convince people to sign more people more and get more funds when they should be focusing on finishing the game with their 148 million dollars.
  11. Yeah... I'm not even sure why. One of my random video have the referral link and seems like a lot of people signed up o_O. I'm not sure if its because of the referral competition or its because the new rewards aren't completely implemented yet, seems like rewards above 42* rp are not being issued atm.
  12. I just realized they finally added new referral rewards above the old 42 RP. Did anyone get the new rewards? I'm still quite a bit away from the Million Mile High Club it seems...
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