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  1. Want to Sell $RSI Credits @ a 65% Rate

    PM sent.
  2. The perfect Transport package :)


  3. Complete WTS Eclipse $300 Serial: A01094EC

    Transaction completed, thank you!
  4. Complete WTS Eclipse $300 Serial: A01094EC

    No worries and sounds good.
  5. WTS Eclipse for $300, please PM and/or comment below if interested. Serial: A01094EC Thank you!
  6. greetings Hello from Houston

    Welcome! I just moved from Houston, was a great place!
  7. Anime?

    Hero Academia S3 Sub today Hype! Hero Acadameia S3 Dub Delayed.. Eh we'll live.
  8. Org Wars? The verse against TEST

    It'll probably end up TEST vs most orgs anyways. The issue with their structure is people are free to do whatever, including provoke other orgs which leads to war. Nothing against Montoya, you should be proud of your org and think you're the best just like I think Imperium is the best but I do not like what TEST is as a org for the lack of structure. But that's what makes us human, some people like that so more power to 'em.
  9. Hello from Colorado

    Welcome! =]
  10. Spoiler



    1. Lakota


      Keep doing that and you might learn something.

    2. SwitchOnTwitch



      "Killing Ostia at every point possible in StarCitizen. Intelligence is for squares and circles! I am a Triangle!"

  11. Hello from Black Widow Company!

  12. XLB 3rdPerson Video

    Nice! =]
  13. Game Day, February 24th

    You weren’t there so I had no reason to continue! 😭 and ever think of watching at 1am central? 😏 #scrubadubdub #blackclover#1 Feel like were getting bans tomorrow when someone finds this 🤔
  14. Game Day, February 24th

    I see you’ve been playin too much DnD. Lol I could just delete my comment and make you look crazy 🤔 we will see. Also, have you ever thought my goal was to get you to waste 30 min of your life writing pointless things? So did you really win?