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  1. Hello from Black Widow Company!

  2. XLB 3rdPerson Video

    Nice! =]
  3. Game Day, February 24th

    You weren’t there so I had no reason to continue! 😭 and ever think of watching at 1am central? 😏 #scrubadubdub #blackclover#1 Feel like were getting bans tomorrow when someone finds this 🤔
  4. Game Day, February 24th

    I see you’ve been playin too much DnD. Lol I could just delete my comment and make you look crazy 🤔 we will see. Also, have you ever thought my goal was to get you to waste 30 min of your life writing pointless things? So did you really win?
  5. Game Day, February 24th

    I'd like to make a complaint that you (@Sir_Belial) are not using BULLETS. Violation of FR 14! Bullets are cool Moderation not in orange is troll 1v1 me
  6. New ship idea, I need feedback and help! :)

    Nice job creating a ship! After reading your RSI post, I see the unique point is the extended shield which currently thinking runs into the "whats possible vs game play" balance. As in, it sounds good but can it be worked into a good game play mechanic without being over powered in itself. Depending the size of the shield, I didnt get a understanding of, but if its a sphere around the ship(s) or just a little larger than the ship would make big difference in this discussion. Honestly if a ship can make a large shield, I would see it as an asset to the fleet but I would say that would be its primary role. So understanding the ship is a "support ship", lets say its primary function is 1. Shield x area with possibly the ability to rearm/repair/refuel something supportish that wont make it overpowered. The ability to land a ship inside is kinda tilting the balance for me, I love it but I dont think something focusing as a shield should have or much else. As you said it would put much more pressure on the power and shields plus coolers, etc. other parts we might not even account for possibly yet. I would say free up space for more power plants, shields, coolents, etc. and THEN if you have extra space without overloading the ship, add something from support. The design of the ship you currently have I'd keep but change its focus to maybe a smaller pegasus because I love carriers and it looks like it'd be a great carrier and possibly make another design for a shield support ship which again i find very interesting but cant be a all in one. =] Related Picture:
  7. new Hi all

    Welcome buddy! =]
  8. SCB Social Accounts

    Any new shinies for Imperium?
  9. Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    I love tanks! I didn’t think they’d do it but this gives me something I’d love to do in the verse!!
  10. Hull E shipping professions

    Hull E with it's wide variety of possibilities yet to be known make it a very interesting ship, personally I find it to be a great investment as long as you have something else on a personal size to move with IF that's an interest or if Hull E is what you're looking for then forget it. You'll have a good time no matter what! I also plan to end with a Hull-E and D as they're made to move cargo and nothing else.
  11. Want to Buy WTB RSI at 70%

    Hey @Snakebyte sorry I missed your reply, thank you! I will go check it out now. Edit: He's sadly sold out, thank you for trying though!
  12. Want to Buy WTB RSI at 70%

    Looking to buy up to $2,070 of RSI credit at 70% of the original price. If you're interested please PM me. Thank you!
  13. New Imperium Website

    @xKiLlFrEnZyx Got me these a while back if you ever need a image. Resolution is amazing.
  14. CIG at Twitchcon

    Thanks! =]