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  1. Check if you may have another game running. For example I can't afk in Black Desert Online because they too use anti cheat resulting in SC not opening.
  2. Yeah! The only thing under NDA is Evocati players and sadly they still leak things anonymously on reddit.
  3. Hey @St. Nevsky! So I think you'll be okay, reminder the game isn't fully optimized so one patch may work better than others but you seem to meet the minimum requirements at the very least. My personal opinion would be to upgrade your GPU when possible, that would provide the biggest upgrade to performance from your current build. Also a side thought would be if your monitor supports higher refresh rates, if its a 60hz monitor then the "need" to upgrade would be a bit less crucial assuming you're somewhat close to 60 already. When you do upgrade your GPU just keep in mind the Resolution and refresh rate of your monitor so you dont get something crazy like a 3090 when you only need a little boost. I'm linking the Requirements to play StarCitizen below but if you have any questions please feel free to ask! =] https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042417374-Star-Citizen-Minimum-System-Requirements
  4. Switch

    Hello !

    Welcome Sardios! Glad you found us and welcome to the community! =]
  5. hey how many do you have? Ignore me, read the comment before checking post lol.
  6. Ohhh buddy, I melted mine long ago without knowing the Physical Items stopped me from un-melting it. I'm interested but I'll need to check some finances real fast. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!
  7. Hey is this giftable? I melted mine long ago but for sure miss having it. Didn't know if the physical items were transferable. Good to see you again, hope you're doing well! =]
  8. Dont forget "God damnit" and "This is bullshit".
  9. Have a good time, see you in the 'verse bud! =]
  10. Hey @dragontamer! Welcome to StarCitizen and our community, pleasure to have you with us! I know people use to use Voice attack without VR, here are some profiles! https://www.hcsvoicepacks.com/collections/star-citizen Its for sure not a need, just personal preference and convenience. =] Yeah, you're good! If you feel you have enough then don't worry about it! We do have a lot of key binds for this game but you'll be better off experiencing it then deciding if you think Voice attack or extra buttons are needed. =] And if it helps, I remember people using Voice Attack for Shield distribution (front/rear/sides) and Flares/Chaff a lot. But that was awhile back, I'm sure there's great options for it though. Someone may have better answers for you but if there's anything else you need help with, don't hesitate to ask! See you around!
  11. Happy birthday!

  12. Happy birthday!

  13. Hey welcome back! Out of curiosity for recruitment reasons, what made you return?
  14. Hey been awhile, hope you stop by the discord sometime soon! Happy birthday!

  15. Switch


    Welcome! If you havent, join our discord we normally post there for events and such.
  16. Happy birthday!

  17. Tldr: Selling AMD 5800x for $380. A $50 discount from the current price. No fees or shipping cost. Never used. Reason for selling: As many others, I have decided to quit my new PC build due to the chip shortage and looking to get rid of the processor I purchased. Product: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Current value: $423 My asking Price: $380 Condition: Never used, taken out of box but not the plastic containing the chip. Transaction details: Buyer must have a Verified Paypal account I pay Paypal fee's Free shipping
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